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Ted Eschliman

  1. I'm tired.

    We recently made the decision to discontinue selling TI strings on the JazzMando site. Not because they are bad strings, frankly, I consider them the best string on the market (even slightly superior to my own proprietary JM Flatwounds), but I don't use them myself because of the high price. We were happy selling them for nearly five years, but with the growth of the accessory offerings we feature, (mandolin, e-mando, dola, soon 5-string, cloths, picks, books), I was spending more time being a mail ...
  2. For Retailers Only

    Some of you own a music retail business or work for a music store. In addition to co-owning a four-store chain of music stores in the midwest, I wear another hat as a columnist for Music Inc Magazine, one of the best (my own bias) print resources out there for the music industry. They have a terrific internet library of past and current articles in PDF format; most everything is there for you to download and ponder.

    I've covered such topics as Not Your Motherís China, Aging-Owner Syndrome, ...

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