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  1. JeffD's Avatar
    I just got an emando. If I had read your blog first I might not have. Oh my. I have so much to learn before I can even ask a question.

    I recognize enough to know you are a good explaner. I just wondered into the advanced class. You are doing calculus and I am getting a B- in algebra.

    Were you to write a primer, I would be all over that. "This is an amp, its different from a PA." "This is a pre-amp." What the heck is a DI and what is it used for and when is it needed.
  2. almeriastrings's Avatar
    Thanks, guys. I am pleased you find it useful. As to books, well, I've been writing those since 1982 - but not on this topic. I do actually have one in progress on recording and live sound, however. It got delayed as I had an important commission for another big project come in, though. That is just about out of the way (finally) and I shall be able to turn my attention back to it very soon. I find the forums very useful myself as they help me to understand the real-world issues and difficulties people face - and in turn that helps me to work out ways of solving them.
  3. dang's Avatar
    Wow! Not sure if it is because I have read so many of your posts but that almost made sense to me. Great reference, I will need to re-read for sure.

    I thought I was lost a couple of times, but you cleared it up well in the next paragraph.

    Nicely done!
  4. Barry Canada's Avatar
    Your knowledge along with your openness to share it is really appreciated. Thank you for your most consistent, informative and inspiring posts. You should write a book!