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  1. AKG C411 Internal Install and Custom Cables

    I have had a few questions about this, so thought it worthwhile outlining exactly how this rather unusual (but excellent) transducer can be installed on your mandolin, guitar, or fiddle.

    Unlike the majority of soundboard transducers, the C411 is not based on a piezo element, but on an electret element - the same concept as used in back-electret condenser microphones. It sounds quite different from a piezo element, and can best be described as warm, without 'quack'. The downside ...
  2. A simple Guide to Choosing and Using a Preamp or DI box

    There is a huge amount of confusion among players on this issue. As a result, many are using ‘mismatched’ combinations that could be causing loss of tone, and could result in unwanted distortion, lack of volume, hums and other issues. In this short article I’ll try to avoid too many technicalities and instead focus on the practicalities of deciding which external ‘box’ (if any) might be needed to bring out the best from your instrument.

    The first thing to establish is whether your ...

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  3. Musical Instruments and CITES

    Importing, Exporting or Travelling with Musical Instruments: What you need to know about CITES regulations

    Musical instruments frequently contain parts made from endangered or threatened species of plants and animals. Some of the most common examples include:

    Elephant Ivory: Used for nuts and saddles on guitars, tuning pegs, bowed instrument and bagpipe fittings and also for inlays. This is an Appendix I species in which all international trade is strictly controlled. ...