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  1. catmandu2's Avatar
    I'm with you on finding 99% of "backing tracks" performing uninspiring. Yet the technology offers creative opportunities. E.g. the wonderful series caoimhin o ragahallaigh did with looper:

    I get lost in 'ambient' sound - I can while away an afternoon bowing long tones on double bass - if I had the toys I would probably spend all my time with technology ... of course an audience likely wouldn't find it as intriguing ; )
  2. ald's Avatar
    Mr Wright I just discovered your playing through Mandolin Cafe. I really enjoyed your blues playing as part of a duo.You sing and play really well. I would not have thought it would be that hard to find another partner. Anyway, solo or duo don't leave out those blues tunes. Think what Rich Dlegrosso does when playing solo or with a bass guitar/double bass accompaniment.
  3. Tom Wright's Avatar
    I appreciate the support.

    There are some acts in the area working solo with backing tracks. I can't abide it. It feels no more interesting to me, as a listener, than music from the ceiling speakers.

    The venues of my last two gigs showed interest in booking. I just have to practice some more, and remember that the audience always thinks you know what you're doing.
  4. catmandu2's Avatar
    Yes, good luck - let us know how it's going. Sorry to hear of things ending. There are definitely drawbacks to going solo - but also advantages of course.

    I faced this necessity of going solo too (when I acquired children several years ago, which doesn't leave much time for play with others, much less getting out of the house at all in the evenings). Certainly challenging to do with only a mandolin. Maybe you use some effects to bolster sound? Some guys bring a whole backing track and play sax on top of it all - I thought I would try bringing a rhythm machine (especially for bossa nova stuff) but I never did - too lazy, probably. I love the thought of working up a whole set with a DL-4, but I've not achieved the motivation yet..
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  5. Mandocarver's Avatar
    I do wish you luck and hope you will continue to post videos of your performances which I've always enjoyed immensely.
  6. lorrainehornig's Avatar
    I loved your blog...I am planning to attend in 2015. I check the Mandolin Symposium website every week to see if it has been updated for 2015. I've viewed all the YouTube videos that were posted for this year's events. Thanks for your very positive comments regarding this event!