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Mandolin Cafe Site Information

Comments, observations about the traffic, behind-the-scenes information, etc. about this web site.

  1. Searching for items that have sold on the Classifieds

    A brief tutorial on how to search the Classifieds for items that have sold. Because we like viewing measurable information, it's fun to see what is selling or has sold. Many, but certainly not all sellers mark the item as such to prevent having to address additional replies.

    Through some programming, any time the word Sold or sold appears in the title of the ad it's automatically changed to upper case SOLD, the idea that it stands out better in upper case. By using the Cafe's Advanced Search ...

    Updated Nov-20-2016 at 10:39am by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  2. Images for Classifieds now uploadable from iPhone

    Over the weekend with a little bit of coding I was able to configure it so that images can be uploaded to the Classifieds with an iPhone. Other types of phones, sorry, don't have one so can't test and don't know if it works but happy to discuss over email or here with you.

    What I can't tell you: if you are not using a newer version of the Apple operating system on your phone I can't guarantee this works, and honestly don't know what versions will, but I can probably tell you how to ...

    Updated Apr-11-2016 at 10:56am by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  3. New Mandolin Cafe Navigation Scheme

    You may have noticed, long overdue in our opinion, we've altered the main navigation structure at the top of every page for the entire site.

    At one point we had nine navigational items across the top of every page. Ouch. Link overload from every usability study we've read. Our bad. And that was before we removed the "Home" link.


    Hint: click the big Mandolin Cafe logo at the top of any page to get to the ...

    Updated Sep-02-2015 at 8:47am by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  4. Three Ways our Forum Allows You to Share Your Music

    Our Forum software has great tools we've developed to help you share your music. You can talk all you want about music, but sharing sound files takes it another step! For the purposes of this article we're just going to concentrate on MP3s with a quick tutorial on adding SoundCloud clips.

    Upload MP3s to our Forum space

    Go into Advanced Posting Mode just like you're making a post, select the Paper Clip icon then select and upload your MP3 from your computer desktop which ...

    Updated Jun-21-2015 at 5:18pm by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  5. So you think you'd like to run a mandolin forum?

    This amusing exchange between someone that has apparently visited this site a few times just occurred today. For those of you that are just sure you'd like to own a big mandolin forum, what more would you like to do on a Sunday? Something like this happens more often than you'd think. User's name and email addresses have been removed to protect their anonymity.

    User: How do I change my pass word or delete my account? Canít find it anywhere on the web site.

    Cafe: Reset ...
  6. Status of the Mandolin Cafe Ball Cap

    A quick update on the status of the Mandolin Cafe ball caps we offer from time to time. We'd been telling people January, 2014 but missed the deadline and then some.

    First, we decided to move on from our previous supplier for reasons that don't need to be discussed. That meant a new stitching template from scratch and locating a new source of raw product (hats). We were looking for better quality, more appropriate size (there were issues with the last 2013 batch running small), and ...
  7. Why is my picture turned sideways?

    Ever wonder why some images uploaded to the web appear sideways, clearly not as intended? That picture of the instrument you wanted to sell, you were so proud of the photo and it looked great and suddenly it's on the Classifieds or the Forum, or on Facebook or elsewhere and... "wait, that's not right! That's not the way my picture is supposed to look! Who rotated it?"

    Example from our Classifieds:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	imagerotation.jpg 
Views:	1993 
Size:	92.0 KB 
ID:	107730

    Here's the problem: it's ...

    Updated Oct-07-2013 at 8:53am by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  8. Mandolin Cafe 2012 In Review

    January - No surprise here as industry sales analysts announced that digital sales topped physical sales of music for the first time in history.

    inline imageMatt Flinner Trio released Winter Harvest on Compass Records. Matt is someone always working but not always on the press radar. One of the really important jobs he performed in 2012 we'd like to highlight was his work as a proof-reader for Don Julin's blockbuster Mandolin For Dummiess. ...

    Updated Dec-12-2012 at 7:16am by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  9. Give as Gift option new to Mandolin Cafe On Demand

    From Mandolin Cafe On Demand, our business partners at Leaping Brain have added a new feature in time for the holidays for those of you that would like to gift a lesson of the highest quality to a friend.

    The option to Give as Gift button has been added to the left side of each lesson, allowing you to give the gift of a mandolin (or guitar or other instrument) lesson to your musician friends. Have a mandolin playing friend that needs to play just like Sam Bush, Mike Marshall or Chris ...
  10. 10 Things You Might Want To Know About The Classifieds

    Whether you're using the Classifieds to buy and sell, trade, or you'd just like to do a little research on instrument traffic that has some actual meat, here are some random tips we think you might enjoy. Some you may know, some you may not.

    1. For sellers, this is new. As of a few days ago if you have uploaded and image with your ad and you added a web link with the ad URL (that's a web link acronym) then the image becomes clickable to whatever web address you've entered, say your ...
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