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Mandolin pilgrim

Aimless muttering.

  1. one more try to post an mp3

  2. Why won't sound file's post?

    This is annoying.
  3. Another test

  4. Test

  5. Jazz chords

    I'm trying to lift myself up from the abyss of ignorance and learn some chord theory. Spend the night working on Peter Martin's Texas style breakdown progression in A. Mama mia!
  6. Mandolin pilgrimage

    OK, does this work? How does it work? Does it matter if it works? Do I need yet another place to express opinions and string together words?

    Probably not. So what?

    So, today I'm thinking about how I really need to learn chord theory. It's a complete void in my musical tool kit. I'm going to do it because I can't face not doing it any longer. I've hit a brick wall with certain aspects of my playing, and the only possible solutions are to stop where I am or roll up ...