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  1. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing your music and the nice new instrument!
  2. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Funny you mention ancient tones. There are places in the video where I thought he seemed to be looking off into the past, listening for them.
  3. Gene Summers's Avatar
    That's a good number as Bill would say ;-) There is something about the "Ancient Tones" that we hear from this music. Hauntingly beautiful. <3
  4. JEStanek's Avatar
    Very nice sounding and well played.
  5. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Thank you for the kind words. It's a 2009 Gilchrist Model 1. Those do-dads on the wall are indeed diffusors. There's a bass trap in the corner behind me. My home studio.
  6. Alfons's Avatar
    Hey Mike, nice rendition, and thanks for sharing! I love that tune. Congratulations on your great sounding mando too - what is it? Can't quite see from the video. I'm also curious about those white gizmos in the background - are they diffusors? I don't think I've seen any quite like that.
  7. mando.player's Avatar
    What's the progression?