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  1. Mandolin Cafe Ball Caps make a return

    Mandolin Cafe Ball Cap

    This week look for us to return to offering Mandolin Cafe branded ball caps like the one pictured above. It's been a hot minute since we've offered these and recently ordered up a modest batch for availability which are now in house.

    This is an identical offering in black to previous orders, a soft, unstructured ball cap with Cafe logo and stitched across the back above where adjustments to the size are made. If we sell out of these ...
  2. Mandolin Mondays - Builders by the Numbers - Part 2

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    On October 26, 2021 we posted a blog summarizing the numbers of specific mandolins used by guests as part of David Benedict's long running Mandolin Mondays series. That bit of information sparked some interesting conversation worth revisiting.

    Fast forward two years later we decided to update the list with new information with 406 episodes now published.

    Before consuming this information we strongly suggest you review our comments ...

    Updated Oct-26-2023 at 4:46pm by Mandolin Cafe

  3. Guitar ads in Classifieds halted effective immediately

    UPDATED FEBRUARY 19: the following supersedes the information posted below. Effective immediately, ALL new guitar ads are being halted. Further, ALL guitar ads will be removed along with the Guitar category from this site will no longer appear effective 5:00 p.m. February 28. Existing Guitar Accessory ads will be moved into the general Accessories category.

    Effective immediately, the Mandolin Cafe is discontinuing new/used guitar listings in our Classifieds unless those postings are ...

    Updated Feb-19-2023 at 8:46am by Mandolin Cafe

  4. Mandolin Mondays - Builders by the Numbers

    Mandolin Mondays

    303 Episodes into Mandolin Mondays and we had a question with no known answer: what builders and companies appeared most often?

    With that goal in mind we set out with an Excel spreadsheet and visited every episode, the results listed below.

    Left out of the mix were one-off instruments built by the musician or non-commercial builder (less than a handful), a couple of antique no-name models, and the individual participants of Mike Marshall's Artistworks video ...

    Updated Oct-26-2023 at 11:59am by Mandolin Cafe

  5. Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen Hot Sauces and Dry Marinades

    Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen Hot Sauces and Dry Marinades

    Spending a lot more time at home of late? Cooking better fare as part of the new reality to fill in idle time? Yea, same here. I'm afraid there will be plenty more. Here's a diversion I really enjoyed. Maybe you can too in the near future.

    Grammy nominated mandolinist and vocalist Frank Solivan of Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen is well known for his outstanding cooking skills and has been known to hold a house concert and then provide a feast for ...

    Updated Apr-14-2020 at 9:34am by Mandolin Cafe

  6. That company never responded to my email!

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    "Boy, am I angry! I wrote Company X about their product awhile back and they NEVER REPLIED to me. I'm THROUGH with those jerks if they don't care enough about me to answer a simple question!"

    It's not just time we dispensed with this kind of thinking, its been over for years. Email was *never* a 100% percent solution, a guarantee you contacted someone successfully. It never was, and never will be. So why do people continue to engage in this kind ...

    Updated Aug-28-2019 at 10:45am by Mandolin Cafe

  7. Mandolin Mondays #170 - Sir Paul McCartney!

    David Benedict is on holiday and graciously turned Mandolin Mondays over to the Mandolin Cafe this week, and what a treat we have, as Rock & Roll legend and founding member of The Beatles, Sir Paul McCartney pays us a visit!

    About the original composition he plays here, Sir Paul McCartney said, "OK, lads, give this new one a go and let me know what you think. Just wrote it a few nights ago and plan to have it on my next album. Cheers to everyone at the Mandolin Cafe, carry ...

    Updated Apr-18-2022 at 10:00pm by Mandolin Cafe

  8. Classifieds Guidelines - PayPal Family and Friends

    The Classifieds Posting Guidelines have been amended with our official policy on buyers and sellers exchanging money using PayPal Friends and Family payments.

    For those not familiar, PayPal charges a nominal fee for transactions between buyers and sellers with the seller receiving the payment minus a fee for the use of PayPal. There are many online PayPal fee calculators for those that wish to learn more about their fees.

    The intent of PayPal Family and Friends is for ...

    Updated Mar-15-2018 at 7:45am by Mandolin Cafe

  9. Looking into 2018 at the Mandolin Cafe

    Some exciting happenings in 2018 as we hurl along in our 22nd year of operation. Are we going to slow down? Hell no, we're stepping on the gas pedal.

    In the first 3-4 months expect to see two premium giveaways of mandolins from two of the most prominent names in the building community. Sorry, not giving out the names of those builders but these models will have you drooling. Only thing we can really tell is the plan right now they'll both be A models in the $3K range.

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  10. Embedding Facebook videos into the forum

    It's possible to embed Facebook videos directly into our forum and the instructions are fairly simple (our opinion).

    In order to achieve this, you need to use the forum's BB Code. BB Code is a way forum owners across the internet allow users to implement HTML inside of our forum without the inherited and dangerous risks of allowing you to write HTML --another discussion that is technical that most of you don't want to hear, and is more than needed for this discussion.

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