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Troy Mayfield

I played my mandolin in public yesterday.

Up Yonder, our bluegrass gospel band, played I Wonder as I Wander and What Child Is This at church. Since I truly can't play the mandolin, I only took 1 lead break on What Child Is This and mainly noodled around on the rest of it. I am still learning my chords and rhythm, so it was opportune to add in F# and B7 as well as Em, Gm and Cm.

Regardless, it was fun and God blessed us with a solid set and a worship filled day.

  1. Called Up Yonder in Colorado

    Imagine a 20 X 30 room, 10 foot ceiling, hard tile floor, hard corkboard looking ceiling. No amplification of any type, echoes everywhere. 3 men with colds, 1 without. A crowd of about 30 people.

    Called Up Yonder played for the Southern Colorado Livestock Association annual meeting yesterday. We told them, "We work for a Stockman who is better known as a Shepherd." Our intent for a 10 song set of gospel songs was shortened by 1 after the 6th song when my voice pretty ...
  2. First "paid" gig today

    In a few hours, Up Yonder will be wandering up yonder to Colorado to play our first "paid" gig. Probably gas money and a brisket dinner.

    I hope our voices can handle it. A couple of us are fighting off colds and the high harmony might be just a little bit of a stretch

    I'll update tonight.
  3. Youtube

    I took the next step to ego growth. Posted a video to youtube. Wayfaring Stranger, mandolin. Mainly trying out the new digicam and learning about the squeeks and thuds possessed by my Ibanez
    Also available on facebook. I think my page is viewable by anyone. Just type in my name.

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