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Mandolin Cafe Site Information

Comments, observations about the traffic, behind-the-scenes information, etc. about this web site.

  1. New Mandolin Cafe features in 2010

    Last month the Mandolin Cafe marked 14 years on the web, and the fun is just starting! Here are a few things on tap for 2010:

    We're estimating the launch of the next generation of message board software from our current provider some time in late January. This is a total rewrite of the software with existing and new and improved features. To date the software is receiving rave reviews in beta form, and some web site owners are already using it. We prefer to let others work out some ...
  2. Changes and updates to our Builder Database

    For the past month we've been diligently working through a much needed update of our builder database. In the process we've discovered a few (not suprisingly, out of close to 1,000 builders) that have retired, passed away or have moved on to new ventures. We don't find any of this unusual, but before anyone thinks these folks are all running for the door in this economy, don't worry. They aren't. It's just us updating a lot of data.

    inline image ...
  3. Little Known But Useful Message Board Features

    A lot of useful features found on the Cafe's message board are simple never used.

    How can well tell? Because many of these features share a common web address, and what each user sees is dependent upon their member login. We simply search the usage of those web addresses and we quickly see those that are rarely accessed. To be fair though, a lot of people may have no use for these, but unless they know, they certainly will never make use of them.

    We thought it would ...
  4. Remembering Bill Monroe

    Doyle Lawson was recently quoted saying, "I'm hearing Bill Monroe's name mentioned less and less these days, and I don't want to see that happen. He's the reason I play bluegrass and I wanted to do something to put Bill's name back out front."

    The quote came in regard to a marvelous cut entitled Monroe's Mandolin from Lawson's new Lonely Street recording, and a fine cut it is.

    Is Bill Monroe fading from our collective memories?

    We hope not, so as we approach ...

    Updated Jan-04-2010 at 11:03am by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  5. Changes a Year Brings

    Running a large web site is a pretty odd sort of thing to do with one's life. I'm continually evaluating what is this thing I spend so much time on and where is it going. The explosion of social networking over the past few years is proving that the biggest challenge to web site owners these days is going to be that they simply remain relevant! Who needs a web site when there's Facebook and Twitter?

    Looking back a year at the Cafe, some changes:

    Around September 1 we ...
  6. Death, Smoking Hot Vintage Mandolins, and Ladies

    What brings visitors to a mandolin site in droves? In order of sheer numbers:

    Death, smoking hot vintage mandolins and, you guessed it, the ladies.

    Suspect what I've written is going to offend some. I've thought about this interesting phenomenon for a long time and think it's time to spill the beans, because, after all, mandolin players are no different from the rest of the general population. Some just like to think we are.

    What single event brought ...

    Updated Jul-01-2009 at 1:33pm by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
  7. April 1 Changes to Classifieds

    A few additional changes to the Classifieds effective 1 that has been referenced many places and times on the site.

    1) We will do away with the distinction between "New" and "Used" instruments. This has become meaningless in our opinion. New instruments come directly from builders or retailers, and it's their responsibility to identify themselves as such. The vast majority of these are used so a separate category is not warranted.

    2) Trades can occur between different ...
  8. Mandolin Cafe Ball Cap

    Received our first sample of a ball cap we're having made for the Cafe. We like it. Will order a few to give away to some friends and possibly some to sell as well. Web address will be on the back.

  9. Classifieds Bulging? Or Not? Part II

    Hate to say we told ya so, but we told ya so.

    Right on cue, the observation that the Classifieds had gone wild (we LOVED that title!) once again resurfaced. Nothing against the person that made the observation, and this is not about picking on them.

    Get over it.

    Its about this same conversation that gets repeated over and over and over .

    Around the time that discussion was started there was a high of about 410 ads in the Classifieds. ...
  10. Attention, Bald Men

    OK, enough with the attention grabbing headline. This will not be a Bosley Hair Club replacement commercial.

    We recently met an outstanding locally owned company that does a first-class job producing custom ball caps and thought it was high time to produce a Mandolin Cafe version.

    So, off I send my talented graphic artist wife assigned the task of trying to squeeze the Cafe's horrid logo (she didn't do it) onto a ball cap. And yes, don't worry, we'll tweak the tuners ...

    Updated Feb-14-2009 at 7:50am by Scott Tichenor

    Mandolin Cafe Site Information
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