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  1. Itís Still Rock and Roll to Me - Billy Joel (mandolin/guitar)

    Hey guys! Hereís a simple arrangement of a favorite Billy Joel tune.

    I need a nap.

    I hope you enjoy though!

  2. Title Theme - Animal Crossing [Acoustic] (#46)

    Here is this week's cover!

    It's a mandolin/guitar arrangement of the title theme from one of my favorite games as a kid. I always dug the minimalistic tendency of this soundtrack.

    In other news! I just finished recording a jazz record with bassist Michael Gurrola. I'll be posting some material from it as soon as we put a video together.

  3. Manah Manah - The Muppet Show (#39)

    Hey guys!

    Last week I posted a cover of You're A Mean One Mr. Grinch on the jazz forum and people seemed to dig it, so I thought I'd just start posting the tunes I do to the blog. I've been doing covers every Friday for a while now (This is #39. I incorrectly said last weeks was #35.), but I have felt hesitant to share here.

    Hopefully you enjoy! This week's was a bit silly.

  4. Guitar Upgrade (?)

    I continue to play my Guild D25 which I bought at Boston Music Co. back in '71. It's been a wonderful guitar with low action and nice deep tone - I use medium strings, the suggested size is light which I've found to a bit too tinny for the kinds of music I play -

    It's in need of a pretty good all-around tuning, in particular the tuning machines which I'm sure everyone can imagine are in worn condition - the gears are worn smooth on a few of the heads which make the guitar difficult ...