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  1. Mandolin Mondays #65 w/ Special Guest Emory Lester

    Honored to have a special video from the great Emory Lester for this week's Mandolin Monday. Feast your ears on this mind-blowing rendition of "Eight More Miles to Louisville" performed on Emory's battle worn Northfield axe.

    Emory's exciting creative voice on the mandolin speaks for itself. Over the years, he's performed with the likes of the Tony Rice Unit, comedian and banjo player Steve Martin, and many other ...
  2. New to the Cafe

    First let me say hello and thank you for all the good information. I have to ask though it's hard to filter through everything. I am looking for a good affordable mandolin that will carry me for a few years at least and the opinions are all accross the board. I have done my research and have played guitar for 20+ years. I have a PRS and jumbo Epiphone and the latest edition is a hand made full hollowbody telecaster. I can spend between 2 and 4 hundered to get a decent mandoline to get my feet wet. ...
  3. Weber Instruments 20th Anniversary!

    We often wonder where many of the instruments we made over the years are right now. We see a picture of a custom instrument on our computer and think, I remember that one! For instance there were three red, white and blue mandolins (VERY distinctive) that were made, bought, shipped and never heard from again and we wonder (although while I was writing this Bruce heard from somebody on another issue and they have one of these- weird world). Bruce and Junior will hear a serial number and often remember ...
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  4. Mandolin Mondays #64 /// "Boston Boy"

    Things have been crazy busy recently, but I'm happy to be back with another Mandolin Monday video! This past month I made the final move up to Boston to join Mile Twelve and record our new record together. Now that things have settled down, I thought I'd share a few passes at an appropriately titled fiddle tune to celebrate the occasion.

    Hope you have been enjoying all the special guests here at Mandolin Mondays. Tons more to come this year! ...
  5. October - Ben Wendel [Acoustic] (#50)

    Hey guys! I'm back this week with a recording of a favorite tune composed by Ben Wendel, the amazing (Grammy winning) saxophone player/composer.

    This tune, titled "October" was originally performed as a duet between Wendel and jazz guitarist Gilad Hekselman. I'm absolutely in love with it and I hope you enjoy my rendition.

    Also, stay tuned for some more jazz mandolin content coming in early April!

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  6. Mandolin Mondays #63 w/ Special Guest Joe Brent

    Joe Brent is with us this week for an expressive take on "Old Soul Song" by folk artist Bright Eyes on his one-of-a-kind 10-string Brian Dean mandolin.

    Joe is a Brooklyn-based composer and performer who tastefully bridges the gap between classical and improvised music. His impressive track record includes performances and recordings with numerous professional orchestras in addition to jazz greats such as Ravi Coltrane and Stephane ...

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  7. 1994 Flatiron Big Horn Banjo

    Just kind of fun to see this instrument (signed by Eric Lange) even tho it suffered a common banjo injury. It belongs to a friend so don't be telling anyone that MtLutherie does banjo repair!
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    Pretty Peghead!
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    Hey- what's that in the background : )
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    Signed by Earl Scruggs. Cool.
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    Shop dog taking Saturday off, obviously
  8. The Legend of Zelda [Acoustic] (#49)

    Hey guys!

    I couldn't resist doing another song from the new Zelda game. This one is more of a Django type waltz, so you may enjoy.

    Next week though, I'm coming back with a tune written by Ben Wendel, an absolutely amazing saxophone player and composer.

  9. Paint Your Face Blue and Adjust the Truss Rod

    Preventable Repair #2 The neck on your instrument is curved because the truss rod has been neglected.

    There is a lot of fear involved in adjusting your instrument’s truss rod on your own even by those who think nothing of sky diving or playing their mando in front of a huge crowd. When adjusting the rod the neck often makes snap, crackle and popping noises then you start to sweat while thinking, ‘what have I done!’. Some of this fear is generated by a few horror stories that make ...
  10. Mandolin Mondays #62 w/ Special Guest Giri Peters

    Here's my friend Giri Peters doing some tasty picking on the Kenny Smith tune, "Studebaker" with his Northfield 5S Mandolin.

    Based in Nashville, TN, Giri is an award-winning mandolinist on the rise in the acoustic roots music world. I met Giri a couple years ago and was already impressed by his musicianship. Since then he's become a force to be reckoned with as a composer, performer, and improviser.

    Giri also just ...
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