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  1. Weber Big Horn, 10 string, 27" Scale, Mandocello

    Weber;985750]Can't wait for the sound clips! Here are some more pics.[/QUOTE]

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  2. Interesting Instruments that have recently left us...

    A Custom Yellowstone HT Mandolin, Custom Black Ice Mandolin, and Fern Guitar (legal! remember we can build them with octave, mandocello, or whatever tuning)
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  3. What Does The Declining Price of Recorded Music Mean?

    That ever growing stack of CDs in your house, they turn into little furry woodland creatures at night when you sleep. It's true, because when you awake they've bred and multiplied, only with different names, different genres and different musical instruments. More than enough clutter to justify one of the most famous lines from the movie The Graduate: "plastics."

    So we were happy to read that for the first time in history, sales of digital music downloads finally passed that of hard copy--CD, ...
  4. Luscious Octave Mandolin

    I don't usually 'advertise' but I was recently on Spruce Tree Music's (WI) website and they have a wonderful collection of Webers. This one really stood out and I thought somebody might be interested.
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    Weber Yellowstone A Octave Mandolin
    A-style octave mandolin, carved Sitka spruce top, carved maple back and sides, radiused fingerboard, traditional bridge, gloss finish, ivory binding around top, back, fingerboard and tapered headstock. Custom upgrades ...
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  5. Satan Is Real

    With an introduction by Kris Kristofferson, this book easily ranks as one of my favorite music biographies of all-time, and I've read many. Satan Is Real, The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers was written by Charlie Louvin with Benjamin Whitmer (Igniter press, published January 3, 2012 a year after Charlie's passing).

    inline imageHere's a prescription for sanity: Friday night I turned off the computer and cracked open ...

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  6. New Section on Weber Website

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    **btw Bruce wanted to let everyone know he has a bit of this beautiful, bear claw spruce left...You may know we have an area on our website where we post the occasional Festival Instrument that we have in the shop. These instruments were sent out to festivals, or Dealer workshops, etc., usually just have play wear, and we sell them at a discount with a Recert. Warranty. We've enlarged this area to just be BUY NOW. Along with Fest. Inst. we will post finished ...

    Updated Apr-16-2012 at 10:53am by Mary Weber

  7. Miniature Orchestra

    My Long Road To Mandolin

    I wonder if I could have arrived here sooner; there were periods where I was working on related efforts, like folk guitar (60s) rock guitar (70s) bluegrass (80s) and so on. But I started musical life as a violin player. After hearing my amateur mother and friends play chamber music, I begged for lessons at age three, and was granted my wish the following year.

    When I was older, my mother encouraged me to listen to and buy dance records so ...
  8. Selection Criteria

    In a recent thread a member posted a complete personal 6 point criteria for the purchase of a new mandolin. I started to comment, and found my comments were more distracting than helpful, and that they really contributed nothing to the original poster's questions. But I had to write something about this, and that is what a blog is for.

    The party line on how to go about buying something new, or any decision really, is to:

    1 list your criteria

    2 divide ...
  9. Weber Tshirts and Caps are In Stock

    To order, call us at 406-284-4390 or buy direct from our website.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  10. Don't Live A Bug's Life

    Don't let the internet turn you into a mosquito, drawn by the uncontrollable lure of a bug zapper, ie., too much time online. I'm in the midst of preparing a summer reading list for our teenage daughter and one for myself as well. Goals? Read more, be online less. Play more music, spend more time with friends and family.

    Don't get me wrong. No one loves the internet more than I do, but there's a healthy limit, and I'm troubled by those that can't resist the lure and spend too much ...
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