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  1. Onward

    Continuing to work-out the transition. Taking it slow. Also practicing some with my eyes closed so I can simply "feel it" instead of count on my eyes to "see it." Haven't touched that harmony part since day 1.
  2. Common Misconceptions About the Cafe Classifieds #2

    I've started this theme about the Classifieds because,well, they're such an interesting part of this site. Unlike the message board which I jokingly refer to as the Borg Collective--I can hear all the voices--the Classifieds are a silent operation that's discussed little, mostly misunderstood, and suffers from time to time from anecdotal observations not backed up by fact or hard numbers. But hey, it's just talk, and it's all good .

    "All of the action on the Mandolin Cafe is on ...

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  3. my "real" blog

  4. MAS...a sickness for which there is no cure

    In relationships I've always been a reliable, monogamous person. But when it comes to instruments I tend to fall hard, going along with the crush until I'm committed, then slowly becoming distant...eventually breaking up when the next interesting mando walks by.

    MAS...that's my disease. I've had my share of instruments that were "just right"...but now they are just memories. And of course, that's where I find myself today.

    Some case history:

  5. There's other instruments in Choro besides bandolim?

    So like many of you I love choro music. My fascination with this Brazilian style has led me to many wonderful discoveries, such as Mike and Ham and Will Patton.

    I was lucky enough to track down my own bandolim from a cafe member:

    And I've been studying the style and learning tunes on mandolin. It's been great.

    But recently I started getting interested ...
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  6. Progress

    Got some time to watch the video this morning and finally take a good look at notation. I now have a much better sense of the tune and am working on getting the fingering down. Learning is not as difficult as in the past, but working through the transitions will be another story. The B part is played up to the 14th fret. Getting the timing of moving from first position at the end of the A part to fourth(?) position at the beginning of B, then sliding up to ninth position(?) is somewhat challenging. ...
  7. Notes from the Under-Weathered

    I am sick. A sickness that lingers to the point of insanity. A sickness so insipid yet tolerable, even workable. Not so debilitating that you miss work or important social obligations. No. You subjugate yourself to those responsibilities, while concurrently screaming inside "Let Me Sleep!"

    I have been sick exactly one week this morning. In celebration of this anniversary, this intolerable illness has decided to inflict a sizable headache upon my person, as well as ...
  8. Exploring Tunings II

    Some detail about the instrument and the experience...

    My mid-80s Fender Squier Telecaster is not stock. I mean besides the fact that it has only 5 strings. I think it has an alder body, I know it has a one-piece maple neck. The neck is amazing, I am never getting rid of this guitar.

    Around 1992 I yanked out both pickups, bought a stacked humbucker, wiring kit, and controls from Carvin Guitars and installed, the humbucker in the neck position. It took a little work ...
  9. Mandolins For Kids

    In a few days--meaning when I get to it--the Cafe will be launching an effort to generate support for two worthy programs that have been around for awhile but fly under the radar too much and can use our collective assistance.

    These two programs are the California Bluegrass Association's Kids on Bluegrass and the Cool Mandolin Company's Cool Mandolins for Kids.

    The good news is that both programs are quite well organized, have success matching young children with mandolins, ...

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  10. Projects

    I usually play at church on Sunday afternoons and don't do much else during the week due to family needs, bike advocacy, and contra dance organizing. I used to run two local jams, cut back to one, then let go of the organizing entirely. They're well-kept by others now. I'd like to do more practice and have challenged myself to play a duet with a co-worker at our employer's Christmas breakfast event in a few weeks. We'll play Norman and Nancy Blake's Mandolin Fanfare. It's new to me, so it'll be ...

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