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    Yessir…can’t wait for more…
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    You might get more answers if you actually posted a message on the forum as opposed to a blog post and including pictures of the tuners will be a big help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Todd Bowman
    Wonderful! I love hearing regional folk music applied to non-regional instruments. Love the vocal, too! A rare treat on MM! And I hear hints of Squirrel Hunters!
    Peace, Todd
    thank you....Your heard it right!!!
  4. mingusb1's Avatar
    Excellent! And I love the added sound of the percussive instrument on his ankle.
  5. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Wonderful! I love hearing regional folk music applied to non-regional instruments. Love the vocal, too! A rare treat on MM! And I hear hints of Squirrel Hunters!
    Peace, Todd
  6. Nick Royal's Avatar
    Nice to hear the mandolin from India!
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    I really enjoy hearing Diptanshu play. Dagger
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    Where can I hear more of Eva Scow's playing?
  9. Alfons's Avatar
    Enchanting. Thanks so much for sharing those few moments with us.
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    Splendid play, as always!
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    Wow. New fan here!
  12. John Soper's Avatar
    Brilliant, just brilliant!
  13. journeybear's Avatar
    Too marvelous for words! (I think that's another song.) The amount of time, skill, and effort that went into producing this quiet marvel is astounding and much appreciated.
  14. cayuga red's Avatar
    Great mandolin player and great mandolin!!
  15. Ranald's Avatar
    Great. I always love hearing Eva Scow, and it's always enjoyable to watch a musician who clearly loves making music.
  16. DSDarr's Avatar
    Brilliant (as usual!).
  17. Tim Logan's Avatar
    I just love listening to Eva Scow! So glad that she's on Mandolin Mondays and I really look forward to someday seeing her in person!
  18. Clement Barrera-Ng's Avatar
    Just wonderful! Thanks so much so sharing.
  19. Don Stiernberg's Avatar
    Terrific, wonderful, swingin' and singin'! Chord melody rules!
  20. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Great groove! Super clean playing! Wonderful! Thank you, Eva, for sharing!
  21. Matt Livingston's Avatar
    All that, and with a smile...
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    Sweet…great feel and tone.
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    So beautiful.
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    Ms. Scow makes it look easy but she's not fooling me. Very musical.
  25. Hubs's Avatar
    Just great! Thank you!
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    This was nice no matter what you threw in or left out.
  27. lowtone2's Avatar
    Great job, David! Nice tone, even at that tempo, and so clean. I know just enough to understand something about the focus required for that. And very inventive too. The couple of instances where you add a little extra tension really sets it off, and a few b3rds scattered around, some chromaticism, it all seemed very intentional...I listened to it three times.

    I kept listening for the "bebop phrasing" but couldn't hear it, so i printed off the PDF. Nope, straight 8ths except for those syncopated beginning phrases that are just typical old-time fiddler, and not a rest anywhere in the piece, much less an 8th rest, and all the phrases are pretty even. I'll keep looking.
  28. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    What a great tune! As always, wonderful picking!! Thanks for sharing, David!
  29. Bob Buckingham's Avatar
    Ah David, as a band mate said to me nearly 30 years ago after a rather extravagant fiddle break, "stick to the melody son". Nice job even with the Bebop phrasing.
  30. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Great stuff! most excellent, thank you.
  31. Beanzy's Avatar
    Thanks Jim.
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  34. Alfons's Avatar
    Most enjoyable!
  35. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    You should post this in the Looking for Information about Mandolins forum here:

    Unfortunately there's not a way to move these from the blogging area to the Forum.
  36. Tim Logan's Avatar
    I love this video. What a marvelously expressive performer Maria is. Her music exudes joy and excitement! Just outstanding!
  37. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    Beautiful, and you’ve raised the bar for Mandolin Mondays cinematography
  38. blacktop's Avatar
    Sweet, Marie! I must start practicing more. Thank you.
  39. DougC's Avatar
    Big smiles all around when she plays the 'almost corny' theme. I'm smiling too! And look how she holds the 'bowl back' mandolin. I'd drop the thing on the first position change. Brian's mandolin really sings in Marie's hands.
  40. Todd Bowman's Avatar
    Beautiful! What joy! Thank you for sharing, Marie!
  41. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Lovely, Marie. Great to see you on Mandolin Mondays. Keep up the good work.
  42. Jim Garber's Avatar
    Nice Calace and happy birthday to it, Eoin!
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    Beautiful song! Have a Happy New Year filled with fabulous music.