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  1. TimB989's Avatar
    Yet another style of mandolin music I look forward to delving into. Thanks!
  2. DougC's Avatar
    Nice tune! I'm a big fan of klezmer music, being the mandolin guy in Eisner's klezmorim. So I'm surprised when this genre 'pops up' in the big world of mandolin (read bluegrass) cafe. Maybe it's not as marginalized as I thought... cool.
  3. Mike Romkey's Avatar
  4. goose 2's Avatar
    So nice! Iíve heard you live several times at Farmers Branch and have always loved your playing. Thanks!
  5. darylcrisp's Avatar
    very nice, thank you!
  6. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Nice. Thank you.
  7. ccravens's Avatar
    Love it!
  8. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Lovely - and what a great sounding, resonant Duff you have! Thank you, Darren.
  9. MandoRock65's Avatar
    Great job Darren! I always enjoy your picking. That Duff sounds awesome!

    Greg J.
  10. Khatarlan's Avatar
    Incredibly expressive playing. Absolutely wonderful. I need to practice more. :D
  11. Steve Sorensen's Avatar
    As good as they get!
  12. bigskygirl's Avatar
    Thanks Darryl - and Dave,- just the thing for a snowy Big Sky Country morning!
  13. Jim Taylor's Avatar
    Thanks! Great tune!
  14. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Darryl. Great way to start off our Monday. Thanks.
  15. Alfons's Avatar
    A wonderful song, and a very fine performance. I hardly missed the mandolin.
  16. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    You're obviously very good at all those things you don't do as often. I enjoyed and admired the guitar playing, voice, and songwriting.
  17. John Soper's Avatar
    Fun version of a good tune on a great mandolin!
  18. ccravens's Avatar
    Love this.

    Love their music.
  19. dang's Avatar
    Very cool! Paulie on the cafe!

    I am super appreciative that Greensky has kept Jeff Austin’s music going, I have to admit to only recently getting into Greensky because of that.

    Paul is a great songwriter in addition to being a great mandolinist,

    Thanks MC and Mando Mondays!
  20. giannisgrass's Avatar
    Thank you Paul... Live at Bell's is one of my favorite albums!
  21. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Paul, fellow Nugget owner
  22. Gunnar's Avatar
    Wonderful picking! It's cool to hear Fisher's actually played as a hornpipe. I enjoyed it!
  23. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Nice playing, Nate. Thanks for organizing these, David. They're a nice way to start the week.
  24. William Smith's Avatar
    Great version of this classic tune! Nice mandolin also, love the looks and tone!
  25. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Nate. Nicely played.
  26. Steve-o's Avatar
    Knicely played! (like you’ve never heard that before)
  27. Mandomike45's Avatar
    Danny is terrific -- and this is known far beyond Virginia.
  28. AlanN's Avatar
  29. John Soper's Avatar
    Cool arrangement, Danny. Hope to see you soon!
  30. William Smith's Avatar
    Very KOOL man! Neat sound from that horn! I like her!
  31. DougC's Avatar
    Love it. Interesting arrangement. Good vibes too.
  32. Gunnar's Avatar
    Great picking Danny! You played very Knicely.......
  33. Scotter's Avatar
    Christmas Time Is Here has become one of my favorites over the past two decades. It's bittersweet melody really stands out in comparison to all of the happy sounding tunes that get played this time of year. Thank you, Danny!

    Oh, that we could always see such spirit through the year...
  34. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Danny. Nicely played!
  35. JeffD's Avatar
    Well said. I might get picky hear and there, but I pretty much agree.