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  1. Scores Of Children Abducted From Islamic Seminary In Nigeria:

    Armed gangs are terrorising inhabitants in northwest and central Nigeria by looting villages, stealing cattle and taking people hostage

    Gunmen on Sunday kidnapped scores of children from an Islamic seminary in central Nigeria's Niger state, police and residents said.

    Some 200 children were at the school at the time of the attack, the Niger state government said on Twitter, adding that "an unconfirmed number" were taken.

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  2. Arpeggio in B Major

    I have found arpeggios in many scales, but cannot locate practice arpeggios in the key of B. Can anyone help?

    Thanks, Tim
  3. Mandolin Mondays #290 /// "Rocky Mountain Goat"

    Tuning in this week from the Rocky Mountains of CO! Mile Twelve just finished up teaching and playing at Rocky Grass, so I thought I'd share this awesome tune I learned from Fiddlin' Doc Roberts that really fits the setting.

    Here's a transcription of the melody if anyone wants a copy!

    Mile Twelve is finally back on the road again! ...
  4. D'Addario or GHS strings

    D'Addario or GHS strings which is better?
  5. Mandolin Mondays Featuring Special guest Oliver Bates Craven

    This week on Mandolin Mondays, we're joined by the great Oliver Bates Craven for a spin on this original tune "The Back Cottage," played on his amazing sounding Kimble mandolin.

    Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Oliver Bates Craven is a Nashville based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. The oldest son of a folk-singing preacher, his diverse musical upbringing included a family band, a ...

    Updated Jul-19-2021 at 10:01am by dbmandolin

  6. The shape of the past

    The aesthetics are important. Certainly aesthetics are secondary to tone and playability and build quality. But, even within those limits we do need to consider shape of the instrument.

    A lot of what is important to me about music is its connections to past music. And the aesthetic connection helps with that. I can more easily see myself as a part of something gigantic with a long history and legacy if my instrument is either old, or looks similar enough to what was used "back ...

    Updated Jul-17-2021 at 2:26pm by JeffD

  7. Mandolin Mondays #288 w/ Special Guest Kylie Kay Anderson

    This week on Mandolin Mondays, we've got special guest Kylie Kay Anderson here all the way from Cork, Ireland to play this wonderful rendition of the classic fiddle tune "East TN Blues" played on her workhorse Eastman MD515 mandolin.

    Kylie was born and raised in the Western United States. She got hooked on the mandolin from a young ange and soon went on to earn several awards, including 2012 Utah State Mandolin and ...
  8. Mandolin Mondays #287 /// "8th of January"

    Is it July or January...? Here's a not-so-beginner version of the beginner tune "8th of January" that I've been teaching as a part of my big beginner lesson series over on YouTube!

    Check out the free lesson video for this tune at the link below--this is Part 9 of a 17 Part video series over on my YouTube channel:

    Also, you can grab the tab/notation for the ...
  9. Newbie question - Replacing Collings mandolin strings

    Ok. Newbie to the mandolin (and this group!) and have an embarrassingly simple question to ask.

    I have a beautiful new Collings MT and am ready to change the strings with a fresh set of EJ74s. The tailpiece cover is either on super tight or is the type that hinges rather than slides off. I suspect that I just need to apply more pressure to slide it off, but before I do significant damage to my thumbs, can someone confirm for me that Collings MT tailpieces do in fact slide rather ...
  10. Mandolin Mondays #286 w/ Special Guest Jeff Midkiff

    This week on Mandolin Mondays we've got the amazing Jeff Midkiff with us, playing an impressive rendition of "Blackberry Blossom" on his 2004 Gilchrist mandolin.

    The mandolin is how Jeff got to the stage of Carnegie Hall. The Kennedy Center too. And not just as a picker, but as a composer. Mandolin concertos -- one a double concerto for mandolin and violin -- and chamber music have come from his fertile musical ...
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