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  1. Notes from the Under-Weathered

    I am sick. A sickness that lingers to the point of insanity. A sickness so insipid yet tolerable, even workable. Not so debilitating that you miss work or important social obligations. No. You subjugate yourself to those responsibilities, while concurrently screaming inside "Let Me Sleep!"

    I have been sick exactly one week this morning. In celebration of this anniversary, this intolerable illness has decided to inflict a sizable headache upon my person, as well as ...
  2. There's other instruments in Choro besides bandolim?

    So like many of you I love choro music. My fascination with this Brazilian style has led me to many wonderful discoveries, such as Mike and Ham and Will Patton.

    I was lucky enough to track down my own bandolim from a cafe member:

    And I've been studying the style and learning tunes on mandolin. It's been great.

    But recently I started getting interested ...
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  3. Happy Birthday, Butch

    Probably a lot of mandolin players never had the chance to see Butch in his old bluegrass days. Now you can. Happy Birthday, Butch. You rock!

    Updated Dec-13-2008 at 6:15pm by Scott Tichenor

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  4. 2008 in Review

    It's easy to forget what can happen in the short span of a year. Here are some of more memorable events of 2008 for the mandolin community (my opinion, make your own! ):

    January - Marilynn Mair releases the first major U.S. mandolin Method Book in decades, The Complete Mandolinist.

    February - the emergence of Sierra Hull as a major force in the bluegrass world. The release of Punch, by the Thile-led Punch brothers was the source of much conversation, pro and con. ...

    Updated Dec-14-2008 at 8:24pm by Scott Tichenor

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  5. 10 Silliest Things I've Read on the Mandolin Cafe Message Board

    Long past due, and in the spirit of my 2008 summary, let me recall in no particular order of importance some the silliest things I've ever read on this message board--or at least, those I can remember.

    OK, maybe a few I'll rank up high as being the most memorable. Sorry if anyone made these comments and you recognize yourself. Get your own blog and complain about me!

    1. The Mandolin Cafe is responsible for an increase in the prices of all mandolins.


    Updated Dec-17-2008 at 7:05pm by Scott Tichenor

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  6. Making a Mandolin De-Damping Machine

    Have you ever had a mandolin go to sleep on you, or wished the break-in process for a new mandolin (that still thinks it's a tree) could go a little faster? Did you ever get a vintage instrument that spent a few years in a closet, attic, or under a bed?

    The only solution for this is to play the heck out of the mandolin until it comes back to life. But what if you don't have the time, or are too impatient to wait for it to wake up? This is where the mystical and mysterious would of ...
  7. The Road Home - A Tribute to Butch Baldassari

    inline imageThe Road Home - A Tribute to Butch Baldassari is a new recording that should be out in a few weeks. Right now we don't have an exact date on when that release will be. Some history on this: the project was spearheaded by Dr. Brian Hull of Wichita Falls, Texas and was conceived in August or September of last year. Brian is a mandolin player, long-time friend of Butch's and a supporter of the arts. All proceeds from the sale of the recording will go ...
  8. Attention, Bald Men

    OK, enough with the attention grabbing headline. This will not be a Bosley Hair Club replacement commercial.

    We recently met an outstanding locally owned company that does a first-class job producing custom ball caps and thought it was high time to produce a Mandolin Cafe version.

    So, off I send my talented graphic artist wife assigned the task of trying to squeeze the Cafe's horrid logo (she didn't do it) onto a ball cap. And yes, don't worry, we'll tweak the tuners ...

    Updated Feb-14-2009 at 7:50am by Scott Tichenor

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  9. Mandolin Cafe Ball Cap

    Received our first sample of a ball cap we're having made for the Cafe. We like it. Will order a few to give away to some friends and possibly some to sell as well. Web address will be on the back.

  10. CMM Quarterly Magazine Features Instrument Builders

    We received an email from Mark Boucher who is with the magazine CMM Quarterly. CMM's current issue deals with musical instrument building, and in this special issue, our readers will recognize some familiar names:

    Dave Smith, Smith Creek Mandolins
    Greg Deering, Deering Banjos
    Jeffery Elliott, Elliott Guitars
    Greg Byers, Byers Guitars
    Jonathan Hiller, interesting article on composite graphics vs. wood
    JEM magazine, article about Luis and Clark composite ...

    Updated Feb-22-2009 at 9:32pm by Scott Tichenor

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