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  1. Guitars / mandolins.triple neck and double neck

    Guitars / mandolin. Double or triple neck are great for combining guitar and mandolin techniques

    This is a model of guitarmando mosrite.

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  2. This One's For Don - Take Me Out To The Ball Game

    Here starts year two! This is the 53rd weekly cover.

    I heard baseball season just started up, so what better week than to play through Take Me Out to the Ball Game. I took a little inspiration from Don's arrangement, though I kept it in three.

    Hope you guys enjoy!
  3. The Cost of Mandolin Repair

    “Peel away the hopeful interpretations, and the ‘vintage’ stands revealed as simply ‘old’...
    The gap between my private logbook and the service ticket is the space
    where the ethics of repairing motorcycles gets worked out.”

    Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work

    The topic of repair charges (though most may say the topic is ‘why does it cost so much?’) can provide an interesting discussion. I’ve been quoting from Shop Class as Soulcraft ...
  4. Mandolin Mondays #66 w/ Special Guest Alan Epstein

    This week we have Alan Epstein playing a graceful rendition of this bittersweet traditional Jewish melody on his Collings MT 1 mando.

    Alan has been deeply involved in the mandolin community for over 40 years now. His contributions have ranged from teaching at numerous mandolin workshops across the North East, to writing for the former publication Mandolin Magazine, and even to founding the the modern-day Pittsburgh Mandolin ...

    Updated Apr-03-2017 at 10:29am by dbmandolin

  5. Ping tuning machine heads

    Never heard of this brand before has anyone else? If so is there any comparison to the usual gotoh, grover shaller etc.
  6. what to choose

    Looking at a New york pro, 1973 Harmony, Magnum, Johnson MA100 and a Kentucky k140 as a first mandolin. Are they all comparable in sound and quality? Which would be the best pick for a beginner? Thanks

    Updated Mar-30-2017 at 2:25pm by MsT62801

  7. Klezmer - the best has yet to come

    I've been ruminating on this idea for some time, and folks that have read my posts on Mandolin Cafe know some of my promises to start a 'resource' for klezmer mandolin here.

    The general notion is that I want a place to share really good acoustic music in klezmer. There is very little klezmer out there on the internet played on mandolins and I want to change it here.

    So, what is klezmer music, or what is the 'pure drop' as they say in Irish music. And how does mandolin ...
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  8. Fresh Prince Rap (On Mandolin Of Course) & Update

    Hey guys.

    I know I didn't post here this last Friday. Moving forward I'm only going to post the videos to this blog that are more mandolin relevant. This is another silly transcription I did a while ago.

    This Friday I'm putting up another song from a video game, so I won't put it up here, but I have another jazz mandolin video that I'll share!
  9. Mandolin Mondays #65 w/ Special Guest Emory Lester

    Honored to have a special video from the great Emory Lester for this week's Mandolin Monday. Feast your ears on this mind-blowing rendition of "Eight More Miles to Louisville" performed on Emory's battle worn Northfield axe.

    Emory's exciting creative voice on the mandolin speaks for itself. Over the years, he's performed with the likes of the Tony Rice Unit, comedian and banjo player Steve Martin, and many other ...
  10. New to the Cafe

    First let me say hello and thank you for all the good information. I have to ask though it's hard to filter through everything. I am looking for a good affordable mandolin that will carry me for a few years at least and the opinions are all accross the board. I have done my research and have played guitar for 20+ years. I have a PRS and jumbo Epiphone and the latest edition is a hand made full hollowbody telecaster. I can spend between 2 and 4 hundered to get a decent mandoline to get my feet wet. ...