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  1. A review of the Gary Vessel "Monteleone"

    I played Gary Vessel's tribute to Monteleone today. It was hard to put down.

    The maple back has a great looking tiger stripe figure to it, and Gary bookmatched the grain so that the stripes climb from the end pin to the neck joint.

    The two piece cedar top is equally beautiful with a straight grain and a pumpkin color.

    Gary just used clear lacquer to finish the mandolin, preserving the beauty of the woods. He says it would ...
    Acoustic Adventures
  2. Collecting instruments & MAS

    I have been a blogger for some years already, mandolincafe member since the late 90s and because I do love to play mandos from time to time I comment on mando related subjects at festivalpo, so now I decided to write something it intrigues myself at this new feature of the mandolincafe...
    For many years I have been playing small plectrum instruments plus some woodwinds... and along the way I have been trading , ...

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  3. Question on pick hand position

    As a beginning player, is it considered proper pick hand position to lightly rest the heel of the pick hand on or slightly behind the bridge? Does this deaden the sound any? I have a difficult time keeping position relative to the strings unless I contact the bridge lightly. Many thanks.
  4. Music choice drops bluegrass channel

    [i]as of april 15th the mc has dropped both the bluegrass and americana[/venues]. I know i spent a lot of time watching the bluegrass channel as i got to hear all bg from the old to the latest releases. I senta blog to mc, but if any of you who will be missing these channels, i suggest that it will take a lot of complaints to get the bg back. So if you're a listener,,get that complaint to them asap!! It's
  5. Farnum Family at Silver Dollar City!!!

    I'm new to this blogging thing, but here goes.

    The Farnum Family is going to be performing at Silver Dollar City next month for the Bluegrass & BBQ festival,
    For the Silver Dollar City's Third Annual National Single Mic Championship http://festivals.bransonsilverdollar...?id=10&pid=191 on May 16th & 17th, and the KSMU Youth in Bluegrass Band Contest http://festivals.bransonsilverdollar...n/?id=10&pid=7 on may 23rd & 24th, ...
  6. From the beginning

    As I type this, I have not been playing mandolin for a week.

    I started playing acoustic guitar in 1990. I am self taught and have always been a casual, recreational player, lending myself mainly to strumming and singing. There was a brief period in university (about 1 year) when I went without a guitar because I sold it for money to buy food.

    My first guitar was an entry level Washburn, and after the break, I picked up a ###### Texarkana from a pawn shop. I made ...
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  7. Catching Up

    Just to catch you up...

    I did see the insanely good Andy Statman that Sunday afternoon (3/23/09). He is, in a word, amazing. Go see him. Buy his CD. You haven't lived right until you've heard him roll through chromatic versions of "Rawhide," "Turkey in the Straw," and "Back Up & Push" that were surely making Big Mon squirm uncomfortably in his grave. Indeed, the old cabin home on the hill itself might have been creaking in musical discomfort ...
  8. Oh Well..........

    Take my work for it, sittin' off the interstate in Portageville, Mo on Easter Sunday with a crack in the block running from below the cylinder head to as far as you can see is no way to save up to buy a new mando.

    600hp Cat Rebuild=$18,000

    Very Nice Mandolin=$18,000

    Maybe it's time to retire.
  9. Sucked Into the Swirling Vortex of Facebook

    Yea, I'm hip. It's true. I'm on Facebook, baby. I knew it'd eventually happen. Confronted with the fact that my daughter is on there along with every friend she has (and those she will never meet), plus her sixth-grade teachers, her old piano teacher that lives 10 hours away, and about anyone else in her life. Time for a guy that is in love with a Unix command line with a black background and white text (don't start with me vim users. I'm not color coding and I mean it) to start receiving life-changing ...

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    General Mandolin Comments
  10. Television and Radio commercials!!

    Hello everyone!
    Recently Chris sat in with local band Hillbilly Highway in order to record a song for Race horse track Emerald Downs to use as an advertisement!
    It is currently airing on local television and radio, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!
    The song is "Break My Stride"
    You can visit: and hear all 4 versions!
    www.​myspace.​com/​tangograss Facebook, search: Chris Luquette