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  1. Mandolins at NAMM

    I spent three days at NAMM paying attention to as much as possible, trying not to succumb to input overload. Discovered many things I liked and noted a lot that just seemed odd. But getting mandolin info was pretty easy. There were very few mandolins on hand. I have to admit that I skipped a few makers who have mandolin lines. So, what follows is --in alphabetical order-- an incomplete account of mandolins at NAMM.

    Tone was universally difficult to evaluate. The main floor was ...
  2. The Mandolin Cafe's 2010 In Review

    As we did in 2009, it's a good time to pause and recap some of the memorable highlights in the mandolin world as we saw them (see our 2009 comments here). If you don't see what you thought was important here, it's certainly on this page.

    inline imageJanuary, 2010 - Collings stole the show at the Anaheim NAMM show with the new MT2 mandola. ln true Collings form, they did not disappoint!

    2010 should be known as the year mandolin ...

    I am excited to announce our 5th cd "OUTLAW HILLBILLY" is available at CD-Baby.
    "simply compelling
    There is something about the sound and feeling that these guys convey. Its simple, but powerful. Gravel Road radio ( is putting at least 4 of these into rotation. hoooo-weee!"

    "Robert Earl Davis, I want you to know that "Outlaw Hillbilly" is my favorite Earl ...
  4. Mandolin Crosspicking

    Crоsspісking іѕ a ѕtyle of рlауing the mandоlin that hаs gаіnеd in poрularіtу fairly rеcеntly. Howеvеr, it hаs its rооtѕ іn antіquіty.

    Thе mаndоlin wаs іnventеd cеnturіеѕ agо. In thе іntеrvenіng yeаrѕ, many dіfferеnt ...
  5. Mandolin Mondays #43 - Bear Island Reel

    I've never been, but Bear Island must be a pretty awesome place if this tune has anything to say about it. Exploring some nonconventional variations on this epic Irish reel.

    Thanks so much for watching! If you liked the video, I'd appreciate it if you'd share it with your friends on social media. Also, I've written out the tab/notation for how I played through the tune in this video. I'd love to connect with you and send ...

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  6. Mandolin Mondays #67 w/ Special Guest Marla Fibish

    Mandolin Mondays #67: Excited to have the great Marla Fibish with us this week playing a couple of favorite hop jigs on her trusty 1922 Gibson oval hole mandolin.

    Based in San Fransisco, Marla Fibish is a vanguard of the modern day Irish mandolin. Over the years, she has helped establish the mandolin's place in the Irish music tradition through her innovative approach to stylistic embellishments, right hand technique, and ...
  7. Mandolin Mondays #97 w/ Special Guest David Tiller

    David Tiller from Colorado-based band Taarka brings us this lovely dark piece called "Forro Brasil" played on his beautiful Nugget mandolin.

    David's band Taarka blends a wide diversity of music including bluegrass, old time, gypsy jazz, choro, and much more to create a unique and tasteful musical experience. Over the years, they've brought their music to venues in the US, Canada, Europe and Mexico, playing at some ...

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  8. Mandolin Mondays #99 w/ Special Guest Evan Marshall

    Hear the one-and-only Evan Marshall play through these Thanksgiving appropriate fiddle tunes like you've never heard before! Evan and his Gilchrist F5C are unstoppable!

    Evan is the unparalleled master of the solo mandolin. His 1995 Rounder Records release The Lone Arranger remains one of the premier recordings for this medium--displaying an overwhelming array of beautifully full textures, virtuosic acrobatics, and brilliant ...
  9. Mandolin Mondays #107 w/ Special Guest Marilynn Mair

    Classical mandolinist Marilynn Mair brings us some lovely Brazilian music played on her unique Woodley mandolin for this week's Mandolin Mondays.

    Marilynn is a distinguished mandolin performer, author, and educator based in the Rhode Island area. Over the years, she has performed at prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall, the White House, and the Lincoln Center. ...
  10. The Countdown is Over

    ...and the Mandolin Man is back!!

    He's been busy updating the shop, acquiring the best materials and, most importantly, perfecting design. There will be the B2 model line, and the customized (as only you and he can imagine together) "The Bruce" line of mandolin family instruments and arch top guitars.

    Watch the Montana Lutherie website for ongoing updates: price list, design and spec lists, new instruments for sale, and questions answered.