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  1. My Trip to the "Zone" and Back Again

    Did you ever have a practice session when everything is “golden”? This happened to me recently. I was working on a particularly difficult piece of music and was getting very frustrated. Most of us struggle with voices in our heads that tell us “we don’t have what it takes” or “we’re just not going to get it, no matter what”. At times like that we take a nice, big mental stick and beat the dickens out of those thoughts. We remind ourselves “I CAN do this” and “everything worth having is worth the ...
  2. Phinal Pick Post

    Since my last entry, I've been continuing to experiment with picks, just looking for different sounds and textures to play with. Here are my latest observations, for what they're worth!
    1. Dawg Pick- I'd heard this name for so long, been wanting to try them out, but everybody seemed to be out of stock for the longest time. Finally seemed to come back around, so I ordered a 6 pack. Got to say, that for me at least, these just don't work.The size and shape are fine, but the rounded tips with ...
  3. Why is my picture turned sideways?

    Ever wonder why some images uploaded to the web appear sideways, clearly not as intended? That picture of the instrument you wanted to sell, you were so proud of the photo and it looked great and suddenly it's on the Classifieds or the Forum, or on Facebook or elsewhere and... "wait, that's not right! That's not the way my picture is supposed to look! Who rotated it?"

    Example from our Classifieds:

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    Here's the problem: it's ...

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  4. Getting my start in the mandolin world

    A couple months ago, I was in a guitar store with my boyfriend, looking for a guitar for him, when I saw this beautiful mandolin on the wall. It completely stole my heart. Honestly, I didn't even know what kind of instrument it was when I first saw it. I just had to buy it though; it was probably the most random purchase of my life. It's the first musical instrument I've ever owned.

    My initial goal was to learn one song. Well, I have accomplished that and more! I've learned "You ...
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  5. Gibson Mandolin Repair

    I have a Gibson A-50 that the upper frets are worn and have grooves in them. I would like to get this repaired by someone reputable near the 93065 area code. I checked with Gibson in Ten. but they want a min. of $600. Any ideas?
  6. Newgrass Revival - Revival chords

    Does anyone know the chords to Newgrass Revival's song "Revival"?
  7. Starting Out

    I am currently finishing my first violin at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. I love what I do and I am interested in pursuing this career. I would eventually like to branch out and make guitars/banjos/mandolins etc. I'm not sure where to begin.

    How did folks start out? Do you have any tips for someone new to this community? I'm currently employed, but would like to do this on the side until I can get my footing.
  8. It's Never Too Late: Life on the Other Side of the Hill

    When I was a young woman I, like many people, was overly concerned with what people thought. Also, like most people, I have managed to overcome that madness...thank heaven! When I decided to resume Mandolin lessons after a very long absence, it never occurred to me to question if I was too old. I mean, age is the least of my worries. Considering the alternative, I am pretty darn thrilled to have made it to the other side of the hill.

    When I go for my lesson, I sometimes see a young ...
  9. Studio Log: More Than a Little Guitar, ch. 4

    You did not miss chapter 3, and neither is the title a typo. I decided writing about paperwork was a kind of a meta-hell in which only the most self absorbed self abusers are punished. Lacking an appetite for self-harm, I'm skipping on to chapter 4.

    [If you're really interested in UK registration of recordings and albums drop me line and we can talk. It is an involved process.]

    The mastering is complete! I got something called a PQ sheet from the mastering engineer ...
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  10. Studio Log: More Than a Little Guitar, ch. 2

    I do need to make an amendment to my last blog.

    I used a different process to record instrumental than songs. The CD track, "St Anne's Reel/Whiskey Before Breakfast," was recorded without a scratch track. I simply sat down in front of the mic setup that we used to record the guitar rhythm tracks and banged out 72 bars, using my Santa Cruz Guitar Company dreadnought as the rhythm instrument. (32 for St. Anne's Reel, 32 for Whiskey Before Breakfast, and the B part to Whiskey ...

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