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  1. Mandolins For Kids

    In a few days--meaning when I get to it--the Cafe will be launching an effort to generate support for two worthy programs that have been around for awhile but fly under the radar too much and can use our collective assistance.

    These two programs are the California Bluegrass Association's Kids on Bluegrass and the Cool Mandolin Company's Cool Mandolins for Kids.

    The good news is that both programs are quite well organized, have success matching young children with mandolins, ...

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  2. Projects

    I usually play at church on Sunday afternoons and don't do much else during the week due to family needs, bike advocacy, and contra dance organizing. I used to run two local jams, cut back to one, then let go of the organizing entirely. They're well-kept by others now. I'd like to do more practice and have challenged myself to play a duet with a co-worker at our employer's Christmas breakfast event in a few weeks. We'll play Norman and Nancy Blake's Mandolin Fanfare. It's new to me, so it'll be ...

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  3. Me and My Mandos

    Well, I'll bite at the blog bait. I don't think I will write very many but this may be a worthwhile place to store information on me and my mando collection. Not to brag (maybe about the skills of the builders not my ownership) but to let others know what I've had and how I liked them.

    First Mandolins 2001
    Lone Star Venice. Tuners weren't the best and needed a good set up. I've read these don't make good first mandolins because of the tonal complexity. Dunno, it looked ...

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  4. A Kansas Nutcracker - with Mandolins

    inline imageLet's just get the jokes right out in the open. I live in Kansas, and you can guarantee I've heard all the jokes about this state. It's all true.

    I've been to the world's largest ball of twine, the world's largest prairie dog, the world's deepest hand-dug well... and the concrete Garden of Eden, these, our pitiful most laughed about tourist destinations and the butt of endless jokes. No, thank ...
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  5. For Retailers Only

    Some of you own a music retail business or work for a music store. In addition to co-owning a four-store chain of music stores in the midwest, I wear another hat as a columnist for Music Inc Magazine, one of the best (my own bias) print resources out there for the music industry. They have a terrific internet library of past and current articles in PDF format; most everything is there for you to download and ponder.

    I've covered such topics as Not Your Motherís China, Aging-Owner Syndrome, ...

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  6. Exploring Tunings on a Solidbody Electric

    I've had my favorite solid body electric guitar, mid 80's Fender Squier Telecaster, tuned in fifths for a few years now (CGDAE), but
    1) never had a regular use for it and
    2) never really liked the low C, it was too low for the scale length I think.

    Recently I slapped a capo on the 7th fret and played it GDAEB. Ahhh, nice. But a little limiting given the length of the neck and the poor intonation. Compromise, tune DAEBF# and capo at the fifth fret. Better. But it occurred ...
  7. Common Misconceptions About the Cafe Classifieds #1

    "No one has responded to my classified ad in 48 hours. I'd better remove the ad, reduce the price, and repost it!"

    "Bumping" is the practice of submitting, then deleting and resubmitting a Classified Ad on this site before the ad has run it's minimum length of 21 days. A few select users engage in this because they're under the mistaken impression that people only respond to ads when they're at the top of the list, and that their chances of selling are improved by the ad being "near ...

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  8. Old and New - a 1912 Blond F4 Gets a New Home

    Well, 13 years and one week to the day of launching the Mandolin Cafe, I'm writing this inside of vBulletin's blogging software so I can get up to speed and roll it out to the rest of the message board members.

    Remember the Cafe's "Pub" that ran from 2001 to 2004? Maybe this is its return.

    Big news around my house is that my lust for a blond F4 has finally been satisfied with the recent acquisition of #12106, a 1912 model complete with Handel tuners. Sure, she has a ...

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