After a lot of hard effort by Dan Beimborn and a generous amount of soul searching on my part over the past nearly 60+ hours I've come to the painful conclusion that the new generation of software as installed is simply not fit to properly serve this community as it is has been served in the past.

For that I take the blame. Yes, it looks great on a phone, but there are so many inherent problems underneath which I've now seen--and everyone else eventually will--that I've decided to shut the Forum off for the time being. The lack of support for resources have turned this from what I thought was a great idea to one of the worst decisions I've made as a web developer.

My apology for what has transpired. If there is to be a rollback, we will proceed with the old system. If not, this will stand in its place. For right now it's too early to know what will happen and we simply need to rest. I'll be in touch.

Scott Tichenor
Mandolin Cafe