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  1. Cane Mill Road - Five Speed

    Hey Cafe users!

    Cane Mill Road's new album "Five Speed" is out and available for purchase!

    you can order it here:

    I have played with Cane Mill Road for three years now, I did a brief stint on Guitar during the time when the album was made but I now play Mando and Fiddle for the group! (I play both Mando and Guitar on the album)

    Please check us out on Facebook:
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  2. On Playing Other Instruments before the Mandolin (Gasp!)

    Note: I wrote this in reference to a thread in which advice was given about where to begin to learn the mandolin. It so happened that the individual who started the thread had been a guitar player first, a not to uncommon place to begin.

    The mandolin is truly its own unique and special instrument. Whether first a guitar player or not, it is a great joy to begin to play and forge a life playing. It is not a negative thing about the mandolin to suggest that it has similarities ...
  3. Top 4 Skills/Traits to have in an Instrument Shop!

  4. How I got into guitar building

    I've worked Cordoba guitars in Oxnard, CA for a year and worked on their master series, custom guitars, prototype development, and repairs. So I thought it would fun to write a series on working in a guitar shop. Enjoy!
  5. Starting Out

    I am currently finishing my first violin at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. I love what I do and I am interested in pursuing this career. I would eventually like to branch out and make guitars/banjos/mandolins etc. I'm not sure where to begin.

    How did folks start out? Do you have any tips for someone new to this community? I'm currently employed, but would like to do this on the side until I can get my footing.
  6. Sierra Hull & Hwy 111 at IBMA this year

    A band member plays Sierra's new Weber Yellowstone Honey/Tortoise Guitar
    Tags: guitar, weber
  7. First Black Ice Guitar (not a mando- but it's carved)

    It was shipped to Acoustic Vibes, AZ.
    Tags: guitar, weber
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  8. Long Black Veil

    Hi Everyone!
    I just posted a new video to Youtube. The song is "Long Black Veil" by Danny Dill and Marijohn Wilkins. The arrangement is something I came up with a few years ago.

    The occasion is a recording session I did last week (May 12, 2010), which is why the big capsule mics are hanging in the shot.

    Again, no mandolin on my part, but plenty of space for yours.
    • Short opening at the top and a full verse break after the first refrain. ...
  9. New Video

    Hi Folks,
    I've just posted a new video to YouTube. The content is apropos of nothing on the Mandolin Café, unless you count the fact that I wrote and can play it on mandolin too.

    I left space for you to jam with me...
    Key of G. Four bars at the top over the G chord (I'm hammering onto the B note from the open A) and a full verse after the bridge. G, C, Am7, D, G, Am7, G.

    If you enjoy it please consider subscribing to my channel (, ...

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    Acoustic Adventures