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  1. Eastwood Airline Mandola

    Hi guys
    For anyone interested my (admittedly lightweight) review and thoughts on the Eastwood Airline Mandola are on my blog
    Best wishes all.

    Updated Mar-13-2014 at 6:26am by Dave Peters from the UK

  2. Studio Log: More Than a Little Guitar, ch. 1

    A couple of weeks ago I finished a 10 day recording session for my new CD which will carry the title More Than a Little Guitar. At the outset the goal was to make a folk/singer-songwriter album framed around the mandolin as primary rhythm and lead instrument.

    To record a song, I would sit in the studio with mics on playing the song as though I was performing it. My producer, Brooks Williams, and my engineer, Chris Pepper, would find the tempo and create a drum track that suited ...

    Updated Aug-30-2013 at 2:57am by Daniel Nestlerode

    Recording Sessions
  3. Trials and Tribulations of a Complacent Mandolinist

    Let me start by saying that I love the mandolin...always have; always will. I bought my first mandolin in the 1970s for $500 and, believe me, that was a big investment for me at that time.

    I already knew how to read music, having taken music lessons on clarinet for 3 years beginning when I was 9-years-old. Reading music is like riding a bike...once you learn, you never forget. Sooo...I self-taught myself until I felt I couldn't progress any further.

    I started taking music ...

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  4. Pursuing the Perfect Pick

    O.K., I'll admit that if circumstances permitted, I'd be the WORST case of MAS on record! However, that matter is out of my hands. My wife suffered a stroke last weekend, (She's doing fine, now, but still a scary time), pretty much guarantees I am where I am in terms of mando acquisition for quite some time.
    I have developed a fondness for pick experimentation, tho. Figure it's a quick, relatively painless way to play around with different feels and sounds. Plus, it's just fun to hear how ...
  5. Left Handed Mandolin

    Looking for a left hande4d mandolin.
  6. Godin Electric Mandolin

    Hello. I ues a Godin A8 electric mandolin which is a terrific piece of gear and has done many concerts and so on. Just of late there has been a bang or pop sound coming from the amplifier when I have been
    leaving it hanging on the stand. Rather odd??? Anyone have a similar
    experience? Cheers Big Kev Parker.
  7. No Mando Content

    Just some thoughts, and they may go on for a while.
    Visited the family last weekend in N.C., for a ceremony honoring my dad. For 25+ yrs., he ran the aquatics center for the local parks & rec. During that time, he had literally hundreds of kids 13-21 yrs old under his wing. He became a friend, confessor, mentor, disciplinarian, and huge influence on a huge number of them.I guess I never realized how big an influence until I saw so many of them come back from all over the country to see ...
  8. Vega cylinder

    Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Brian T, I have a vega cylinder back
    which I think he use to own. It's now in N.Ireland would love to get in
    touch with him or anyone that could give me some information on it.
    It' serial no. is 38349
  9. Beginner, where to start?

    I just got a banjo mandolin and would like advice on the best way to start learning to play. Thanks!
  10. Best strap for banjomandolin?

    I have a Vega Little Wonder with a resonator that covers most of the hold downs and having a hard time putting a strap on it, suggestions?
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