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  1. Guitar Upgrade (?)

    I continue to play my Guild D25 which I bought at Boston Music Co. back in '71. It's been a wonderful guitar with low action and nice deep tone - I use medium strings, the suggested size is light which I've found to a bit too tinny for the kinds of music I play -

    It's in need of a pretty good all-around tuning, in particular the tuning machines which I'm sure everyone can imagine are in worn condition - the gears are worn smooth on a few of the heads which make the guitar difficult ...
  2. Musical Inspiration from the Land of Mozart

    I’ve just returned from a Christmas Markets river cruise along the Danube River that featured stops in Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. Music dominates these regions and the Opera House is a cornerstone of every large city. They are filled to capacity at every performance. This region boasts the settings for “The Sound of Music” and is the birthplace of Mozart among many other equally famous composers.

    In Salzburg, a few doors down from the building in which Mozart was born ...
  3. banjolin

    G'day PPL
    I have just recently bought two Banjolins (they have both got a lion on the top of the head saying British Made)One has got the british made hard case(this one just needs restringing)They have different a shape at the top one is straight and one is curved on the sides,wondering if anyone knows how much these are worth ??One of them needs a complete refurbish.
  4. What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

    Lets say you happen to win it big time tomorrow, sure there isn't one thing you would do, what are the things you would love to do if you won the lottery?

    It would be a dream come true if I won the lottery, i’d be able to pay off my debts and really there is nothing better than being without stress. I’d love to be able to donate a bit to charity and to my parents for all their help. Maybe a flash sportscar as a present for me More About Winning Lottery.

    Now what ...

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  5. Why I don't play guitar

    My girlfriend asked me, "Why not play guitar?" That is, why work so hard at this little mandolin thingy when I could just play that big thing everyone uses?

    It is true that the world of popular and folk music is awash in guitars. It is also true that classical guitar is much more visible than classical mandolin. It is also true that jazz guitar is very popular. But I don't think in 4ths, I think in 5ths, and I was never able to feel comfortable with guitar tuning. So my ...
  6. Technology and mandolin

    I am writing this entry to simply share my website with all of you. I would love to have more people contributing with comments, videos, and links of their very own.

    The domain name is a little self serving, but trust me this site is by no means all about me. I want it to be a small community, and for like minded people, the more the merrier.

    My site contains content of my own, as well as links to what I consider to be the best music ...
  7. You've Got Mail!

    Looking to increase your knowledge of what's out there in the retail arena in the stringed instrument community? Ever wonder why we have access to a lot of information you read about here first? Do what we do and subscribe to the e-mailing lists of some of the top vendors in the industry. Most of these are infrequent with a weekly mailing being about as aggressive as they get. All have an opt-out link (or should!) in case it becomes too much for you.

    Here's who we keep on top of and ...

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  8. Looking for sheet music for Ninna Nanna Lullaby by Guiseppe Aonzo

    I have heard on Youtube Carlor Aonzo play this tune written by his father. I am trying to figure it our by ear, but it would help to have the written music for it. Does anyone have it? Thanks.

    I emailed Carlo through his website and he quickly sent me the sheet music! Really great to have it. Thanks for the tips.

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  9. My Trip to the "Zone" and Back Again

    Did you ever have a practice session when everything is “golden”? This happened to me recently. I was working on a particularly difficult piece of music and was getting very frustrated. Most of us struggle with voices in our heads that tell us “we don’t have what it takes” or “we’re just not going to get it, no matter what”. At times like that we take a nice, big mental stick and beat the dickens out of those thoughts. We remind ourselves “I CAN do this” and “everything worth having is worth the ...
  10. Phinal Pick Post

    Since my last entry, I've been continuing to experiment with picks, just looking for different sounds and textures to play with. Here are my latest observations, for what they're worth!
    1. Dawg Pick- I'd heard this name for so long, been wanting to try them out, but everybody seemed to be out of stock for the longest time. Finally seemed to come back around, so I ordered a 6 pack. Got to say, that for me at least, these just don't work.The size and shape are fine, but the rounded tips with ...