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  1. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    That was fun.
  2. ccravens's Avatar
    Very nice!
  3. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    David, nicely played. Been checking out lots of the band Cup O'Joe, love them! Have a great tour.
  4. tbown's Avatar
    What a great tune and a great performance of Pinley Green! Thanks for sharing!
  5. mandoglobal's Avatar
    Outstanding. Darn near played the strings off it!! Adding Jack to my list of “I wanna play like...” Looking forward to hearing more!!
  6. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome to Mandolin Mondays, Jack. Nicely played.
  7. DougC's Avatar
    Yep, love that rhythm.
  8. Alfons's Avatar
    Well that tune rocks! Nicely played, and with authority. Stands up very well as a solo performance.
  9. Anglocelt's Avatar
  10. ccravens's Avatar
  11. mtucker's Avatar
    nice! I like this cover too! she's great, nice harmonies , the band sounds good.
  12. Bud Barnwell's Avatar
    Outstanding Jesse! Really outstanding.
  13. oliverkollar's Avatar

    Thanks Jesse.
  14. mugbucket's Avatar
    Hatfields/McCoys Vs Lannisters/Starks.

  15. ckmando's Avatar
    Love the syncopation.
  16. tbown's Avatar
    I could see all the CGI kingdoms building as you played. Fabulous!!
  17. dang's Avatar

    Jesse makes anything sound cool

    I love it when a good mandolin solo holds the rhythm all on it’s own, no accompaniment necessary!

    Also the person walking past and going inside at 2 mins made me laugh

    Great work!
  18. Denny Gies's Avatar
    That makes me want to burn my mandolin. Great pickin'.
  19. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Jesse. Brilliant!
  20. DanielP's Avatar
    Really good work... Bravo
  21. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    That's really great. And thanks for turning me on to his Telemann album. I really like this man's music.
  22. Alfons's Avatar
    Really great to listen to and watch! I will happily listen to more. Call me crazy, but those slides on the G-string between 00:15 and 00:30 made me thing of tablas (drums).
  23. TimB989's Avatar
    Man I love watching Mandolin Monday videos. I just started playing in December, and I canít believe the accessibility MM and the community in general provides to so many of these great players. Canít wait to hear more from Alon!
  24. Luna Pick's Avatar
    That was fabulous, mezmerizing. Thanks Alon.
  25. William Smith's Avatar
    Killer why does this remind me of Spanish Caravan by Robby K+ the DOORS! I know not the same melody but hey it does!
  26. mandopops's Avatar
    Very well done, Alon. Interesting Musical choice. I’ve heard it on Guitar & it sounds equally wonderful on Mandolin. In his hands, of course. I’ve had the opportunity to attend a couple of Alon’s workshops. He is charming & instructive. I hope to cross paths with him again.
    Joe B
  27. Paul Statman's Avatar
    Maxeem! Thanks, Alon.
  28. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, very nice, Alon. Welcome to Mandolin Mondays!
  29. DougC's Avatar
    "A work in progress?" I suppose, but this is good enough for me.

    "Alon's latest mandolin recording is a magnificent album of Georg Philipp Telemann compositions arranged for mandolin." Yes, magnificent!
  30. Alfons's Avatar
    Oh, you make that sound so nice.
  31. Mandobar's Avatar
    I got one of these after seeing Roger play one. It’s great fun to play and the sound is quite amazing.
  32. Perry's Avatar
    Beautiful and definitely M.A.S. inducing!
  33. Bill Slovin's Avatar
    What a sweet sound and such a cool tune.
  34. Drew Egerton's Avatar
    great stuff. I have been drooling over one of those flat tops since last August when I got to play Emory Lester's. Just a beautiful sound.
  35. Dagger Gordon's Avatar
    One of my favourite musicians. It's a treat to hear him playing an octave mandolin just on his own.
  36. DougC's Avatar
    That instrument really sings in Roger's hands.
  37. oliverkollar's Avatar
    WOW...that was beautiful!

    Thanks Roger...
  38. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Brilliant, Roger. Welcome!