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  1. Merry Christmas

    I'm really glad I grew up in the era preceding the advent of the internet or I would have been
    tracking Santa Claus all day every Christmas Eve!

    Merry Christmas to you all and I hope Santa brings you cool new mandolin items!

  2. Thanks to Gibson

    First time blogger here, just want the mandolin world to know how happy I am with my new (7 months old, now) Gibson F5G. I've heard and played quite a few mandolins, and when I played this one, I could not believe the tone and volume. Merry Christmas to all and a special thank you, goes out to all involved at Gibson.

    Gary Weber in Delaware
  3. OK, this was SO not needed

    As I begin my wait for my mandolin in at the luthier's shop for a refret and neck shave, good old Bill Graham has to rain on my parade with his article on how luthiers live in a world beyond time. Geez, Bill, and here the anticipation was only SORT OF beginning to I have to worry I dropped my mandolin off in some sort of black hole. Thanks.

    Meanwhile, I have decided to put my idle time into something productive: working out the chords to R.E.M.'s Gardening at Night. It ...
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  4. Cafe on a T-Mobile G1 Web Enabled Phone

    For an early Christmas present for myself, I recently upgraded to T-Mobile's Google enhanced G1 phone, and am experiencing what many have already gone through that own web-enabled phones. If you've not tried one, you might think these are cumbersome, but with some effort, this is turning into a fabulous tool that's freeing up a lot of time for me.

    While waiting in line to pick up my daughter from school recently, I was able to answer a few emails, approve some new message board members, ...

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  5. *Blecchh*

    Went to a Christmas party on Friday night. It was potluck which means lots of food spread around and open to the air. It was also packed for a good long while, and I heard at least 2 or 3 people sneezing pretty hard.

    Sunday night (12/14/08), I came down with the flu. Fever, chills, coughing, sneezing, aching, head stuffed tight with goo. Bed ridden for 2 days. I stayed away from all musical instruments until today (12/20/08).

    Got out my Gary Vessel F5 and played ...
  6. Sampling

    Here's sound sample of the results of my efforts. It sounds kind of rough to my ears. I would work to smooth out my picking so variation in dynamic is more subtle and less harsh when I'm emphasizing some of the high notes in the melody section. In our performance I played melody, so I'm a bit rusty on the harmony.

    As I've mentioned before, I have the utmost respect to those whose recording sound good, 'cause making a decent recording is very hard work.
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  7. Success

    Success is in the eyes of the audience, it seems. Jeff and I had a very successful performance this morning. There must have been well over 100 people/co-workers/administrators in the audience. We both choked a bit at different times, but both kept playing through it all. It felt great to hear lots of very positive feedback throughout the day. Biggest high for me was simply playing a duet together with someone else who enjoys it. The timing was good, tone was good, mutual support was good. I'd gladly ...
  8. 10 Silliest Things I've Read on the Mandolin Cafe Message Board

    Long past due, and in the spirit of my 2008 summary, let me recall in no particular order of importance some the silliest things I've ever read on this message board--or at least, those I can remember.

    OK, maybe a few I'll rank up high as being the most memorable. Sorry if anyone made these comments and you recognize yourself. Get your own blog and complain about me!

    1. The Mandolin Cafe is responsible for an increase in the prices of all mandolins.


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  9. Greek Christmas Carols

    Greek Christmas Carols from the island of Cephalonia (bowlbacks)
  10. 2008 in Review

    It's easy to forget what can happen in the short span of a year. Here are some of more memorable events of 2008 for the mandolin community (my opinion, make your own! ):

    January - Marilynn Mair releases the first major U.S. mandolin Method Book in decades, The Complete Mandolinist.

    February - the emergence of Sierra Hull as a major force in the bluegrass world. The release of Punch, by the Thile-led Punch brothers was the source of much conversation, pro and con. ...

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