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  1. Mr. Bermuda.

    Good morning folks.
    I'm posting about a violin I own called Mr. Bermuda.
    It's a violin made out of Bermuda Cedar. To my knowledge, it is the only one in existence. One of a kind.
    The wood itself is very rare as it can only be found in Bermuda. As well, about 90% of the trees were lost to a blight that occurred back in the 40s or around that time.
    It took my father more than 5 years to find a piece of wood large enough to build the violin. It couldn't have any knots in ...
  2. How I Accidentally Won the Kansas State Mandolin Championship

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    Even a Blind Hog Finds an Acorn Once in a While,
    Or How I Accidentally Won the Kansas State Mandolin Championship

    Even since I learned to play guitar in my early teens, I’ve made a hobby of backing people up in various contests. I’ve backed fiddle champions, banjo champions, and guitar champions in contests large and small. (I’ve also played for a lot of losers.) In August, 2014, I was invited to back one of the outstanding mandolin ...

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  3. The Workbench

    I finished building my workbench and just have to debate/decide how I'm going to 'carpet' the top:

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    It's 60" long, 20" deep and 32.5" tall - maybe a bit short, but if I find I need to raise it higher, not a big deal with a couple of 4x4's.

    My kit is put together at Musicmakers, and as soon as that last bit of cash gets in Paypal, I'm paying for it ...
  4. Baby Steps

    Having been bitten several times on and off the past 6 or so years with the CBOM bug, and spending money to have other luthiers create instruments for me, I've decided that I'll never be truly satisfied until I'm making my own instruments.

    I did the exact same thing in a previous life, where I was a highly recognized homebrewer (I was the runner up in first Sam Adams World Homebrew Contest back in '96), then did a string of head brewer gigs. I eventually gave up because it was never ...
  5. Doing it Wrong

    This is the way it happens.

    Step one – a newbie asks a perfectly legitimate question on technique, or needs some received advice clarified.

    Step two – Various folks respond with helpful ideas, often quoting some of the great teachers of mandolin, present and past.

    Step three – Someone disagrees – referencing some bigger than life famous player who does it differently, as some kind of invalidation of the advice and of the teachers’ instructions.


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  6. FREE Christmas music download!

    Here is a FREE music download of a Steph Hartman & Erin Patterson Christmas single, Away in the Manger". Enjoy!http://erinpattersonmusic.blogspot.c...tmas-gift.html
  7. Persistence…sometimes it does pay off.

    In my previous blog, I was bemoaning the fact that my right hand seemed to be failing to keep up. Some times it would work, and sometimes not. Well, I think I may have hit upon something that has improved my right hand technique drastically.

    At one point I was asking myself, "Why can't I play fast anymore?" And as I gave this some thought, I began to realize...I actually can play fast. When I play tremolo, it's basically extremely fast picking. So, I wondered why I could ...
  8. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    New blog post: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from Erin Patterson Music! Enjoy!
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  9. Skype and Instruction

    I live in the DC area where there are quite a few good guitar and mandolin instructors. However, most appointments require an unpleasant drive at rush hour or eat up half a day on Saturday with drive time. I recently tried a Skype lesson after reviewing Zak Borden's Mandolin Cafe and website links.

    I was very pleasantly surprised at how well Skype works (I even use a VPN). The audio and video was very good and the ability to record the lesson enables me to review at my leisure. ...
  10. 2014 In Review

    January - We started off the year with delivery of an Eastman MD515 Mandolin with Schertler pick-up to a lucky winner of a December giveaway.

    inline imageAvi Avital's recording Between Worlds released on Deutsche Grammophon.

    The brilliant English mandolinist Simon Mayor was out with a new recording, The Art Of Mandolin.

    20 lucky visitors to our web site were picked as winners in a special ...