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  1. Aaron Weinstein's Etude Thursday (4 of 7)

  2. Caney Creek Company, "Flying" | NPR Tiny Desk entry

    I posted this in the forum, but I figured it'd be good to document this video for posterity. I'm excited to share music with the Cafe, and we have our first full album coming out soon! In the meantime, enjoy this video we recorded in a barn on a rainy day.

  3. Mandolin Monday #56 - w/ Special Guest Adam Tanner

    This week here's the preeminent old time mandolin scholar, Adam Tanner, with a stellar tune from the playing of Osey Helton. Some incredible tone coming from that 1928 Gibson F4!

    Adam is the Swannanoa Gathering's resident old time mandolin instructor, and I've gotten to know him in my time there in Black Mountain, NC, over the years. Not only is he a talented player and composer, but I'm always amazed by how steeped he is in the history ...
  4. Title Theme - Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker [Acoustic] (#42)

    I've always loved this song. It's essentially an Irish tune in a Zelda game. As always, I threw in an improv section.

    Say hello!
  5. Aaron Weinstein's Etude Thursday (3 of 7)

  6. The Mandolin in America

    I recall, a long time ago in a grade school far, far away, a teacher attempting to take us into the very distant past and get us to imaginatively appreciate ancient history in the first person. As if we were there, in ancient times, living it. This must have been fifth grade, or likely earlier. A class mate raised his hand and offered the observation that, “it was much easier to go to school back then. Kids didn’t have as much history to learn.”

    I think this is a very American observation. ...

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  7. Coming out of Hibernation

    Even though our thermometer is still hovering around zero we are engaged in a social whirl of activity. Link up:


    *So far on Pinterest I've mostly seen Bill Monroe and Alison Krauss under 'bluegrass', but I've just started. Maybe they are mostly who the 'outside' know about bluegrass music? I like to catch myself sort of thinking in a bubble world- makes you catch a glimpse...oh never mind. You can get stuck on Pinterest for HOURS.
  8. Bought a Used Mando?

    Following is a pretty common project, with a happy player!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CBAbsaroka.jpg 
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ID:	153090

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks so much for the great work on my Absaroka! Its playing just like I hoped it would when I bought it - looks and sounds great!


    Top cleat
    New nut
    New bridge
    Inlay redo
    Glue bushings
    Replace TP felt
    Replace endpin ...
  9. Mandolin Mondays #55 - Super Mario Mandolin Medley

    Happy to be back on Mandolin Mondays this week with some 8-bit music from everyone's favorite digital plumber! Here are a few tunes composed by Koji Kondo for Nintendo's original Super Mario Bros. game, now transcribed and arranged for solo mandolin. Game on!

    Hope you have been enjoying all the special guests here at Mandolin Mondays. Tons more to come this year! Thanks so much for watching and sharing these videos with your ...
  10. Paquito - Ninine Garcia [Acoustic] (#41)

    This week I decided to try a favorite gypsy jazz standard - Paquito by Ninine Garcia. Guitarist Brad Brose taught me this tune back in 2013 and it really stuck with me.

    I also haven't posted a video with my home made jazz box mandolin in a long time. I hope you enjoy!

    Also here are some ways to get in touch: ...
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