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  1. Mandolin Mondays #73 w/ Special Guest Rory Hoffman

    For this week's Mandolin Mondays, I'm thrilled to have a special video of Nashville-based multi-instrumentalist Rory Hoffman test driving his brand new Voight 2-point mandolin with an incredible improvised blues.

    Rory's inimitable and virtuosic playing across a plethora of different instruments and genres has made him somewhat of a Nashville legend. Over the years he has toured, performed, and recorded with such musicians ...
  2. Mandolin Mondays #72 w/ Special Guest Don Julin

    Creator of Mandolins Heal the World, Don Julin is here with us this week playing a sweet Led Zeppelin song on his Airline Electric Mandola.

    Don Julin is a Michigan-based performer and instructor who has been at the forefront of mandolin education for many years. In 2012, Don wrote and released the popular mandolin learning resource, Mandolins for Dummies--a veritable smorgasbord of mandolin history, exercises, techniques, ...
  3. Nocturne - Spike Hughes [Jazz Mandolin] (#58)

    Hey guys! I'm a huge fan of Julian Lage and I have been listening to his trio album, Arclight, since it was released. I couldn't help but cover his arrangement of the Spike Hughes tune, "Nocturne."

    I believe this tune was originally recorded in 1933 by Spike Hughes (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), and I immediately fell in love with both his and Julian's arrangements. I hope you dig it!
  4. New Mandolin Player

    It is May 9, 2017. A few days away from my birthday. And a few months away from when I first picked up my mandolin. I have played guitar since I was a young girl. And have played some keyboard also. I've always been attracted to the string instruments and the sound they produce. A few months back, a friend loaned my a dobro to see how I would like it. I think it is another fascinating instrument and thought Why not? Somehow though it wasn't for me. I asked another friend if I could see his mandolin, ...
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  5. Mandolin Mondays #71 w/ Special Guest Casey Campbell

    A swinging Jethro Burns tune plus a Rattlesnake mandolin plus Nashville cat Casey Campbell equals all the good notes for this week's Mandolin Monday video.

    Casey Campbell has as deep roots in bluegrass as just about anyone in the business. Son of fiddler and Bluegrass Boy Jimmy Campbell, Casey literally took his first steps in Bill Monroe's dressing room at the Grand Ole Opry. Since then he's made a name for himself on the ...
  6. "My new album just dropped."

    ^ I've been waiting my whole life to say that!

    Check it out on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon -- any service you use, we're on there (or will be within days).

    And if you use Spotify, please follow our band! When we hit 250 followers, we'll be able to access info like number of plays, etc.!
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  7. Flaming Patterns and Prototypes

  8. Mandolin Mondays #70 w/ Special Guest Alex Heflin

    Los Angeles-based jazz mandolinist Alex Heflin joins Mandolin Mondays this week with a tasty solo arrangement of his original tune, "Benjamin."

    Alex has been making waves in recent years with his own youtube channel. Every Friday he posts a creative cover featuring his adept playing on the mandolin and multiple other instruments. Alex also transcribed and published a great collection of monumental jazz mandolin solos ...
  9. Hats Off - Mandolin/Upright Bass Duo Album Pt. 3

    Hey guys!

    Here is the official EPK video for the duo record Mike and I put together. It comes out this Friday, and I hope you guys dig it!

    Also here are the other two videos:

    A live take of the title track:
    A live take of another tune:
  10. Mandolin Mondays #69 w/ Special Guest Tristan Scroggins

    Tristan Scroggins is with us this week for a solo mandolin rendition of a Bela Fleck tune on his power house Stellings S-5 mandolin.

    Based in the mid-west, Tristan is one of the leading young, creative voices on the mandolin today. He plays full time with the prolific Jeff Scroggins & Colorado band—they have been called one of the hardest working bluegrass bands on the scene. And when he’s not too busy touring, Tristan ...
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