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  1. Pictures of the Mandolin Donated by The Mandolin Store

    Wanted to post the nice pictures of this spiffy mandolin donated by our friends at The Mandolin Store for the Mandolins For Kids promotion we're running.

    Our thanks to Dennis Vance and crew for being the first to step up and donate an instrument.

    Meet an MD614 some lucky youngster will get to play. Click image to view larger version.

    Attachment 3 Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Mandolins For Kids

    Yesterday morning we started our community support of the Mandolins for Kids programs that are a part of the California Bluegrass Associations Kids on Bluegrass, and the Cool Mandolin Company's Cool Mandolins for Kids.

    It was an amazing first day, but now the real work begins.

    If everyone that was a member of this forum donated one penny per post they'd made, we'd be done, and no one would be broke. But I'm not naive, so I'll press on.

    I am struck by ...

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  3. Relief

    As you may have read in this little diary, I have been pounding away on an altered Tele in preparation for a gig with a rock/pop band.

    It's a lot of fun, but also a lot of mental work. Getting used to a tuning is no small task, even if the intervals stay the same as most of the other tunings I work in. I mean, where's the G chord if you're tuned DAEBF#? And where is the nearest four fingered closed position C major scale to that G major chord? Never mind that the scale length ...
  4. New Tuning in Rehearsal

    Took the Altered Tele to band practice last night, and used it in tunes on which I normally play mandolin (acoustic). It performed well. It's naturally quite different than my Vessel F5, but the advantages are numerous.

    1) It's audible in a full band situation; no SM57 required.
    2) It goes through the same signal chain as my Mando(la)bird.
    3) It has greater range than a guitar.
    4) It's more versatile than the Mando(la)bird, it can cover some of my mandolin duties, ...
  5. Alternate Classifieds Views

    Every so often I'm reminded there are a lot of different ways of viewing the Classifieds that aren't readily available and obvious to everyone. although that information has been made available. Thought it worth sharing again.

    My preferred method has always been in full view mode, meaning you see 30 at a time, but you see the full ad, not just a text snippet like many people seem to prefer.

    Examples, and you can bookmark these for return visits:

    All Ads in Full View Mode ...
  6. A Kansas Nutcracker - Here We Go

    It's just like playing in a band, only a little larger. I mentioned in an earlier note the upcoming performances I'm involved in with this holiday favorite, done in our community with some mandolins in the orchestra. Last night was our first full rehearsal with just the orchestra.

    I've done this production before, but it was 2003 the last time around, and I'm struck by the simple fact that it really is a big band, and anyone that's been in very many bands knows this story.
  7. Onward

    Continuing to work-out the transition. Taking it slow. Also practicing some with my eyes closed so I can simply "feel it" instead of count on my eyes to "see it." Haven't touched that harmony part since day 1.
  8. Common Misconceptions About the Cafe Classifieds #2

    I've started this theme about the Classifieds because,well, they're such an interesting part of this site. Unlike the message board which I jokingly refer to as the Borg Collective--I can hear all the voices--the Classifieds are a silent operation that's discussed little, mostly misunderstood, and suffers from time to time from anecdotal observations not backed up by fact or hard numbers. But hey, it's just talk, and it's all good .

    "All of the action on the Mandolin Cafe is on ...

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  9. my "real" blog

  10. MAS...a sickness for which there is no cure

    In relationships I've always been a reliable, monogamous person. But when it comes to instruments I tend to fall hard, going along with the crush until I'm committed, then slowly becoming distant...eventually breaking up when the next interesting mando walks by.

    MAS...that's my disease. I've had my share of instruments that were "just right"...but now they are just memories. And of course, that's where I find myself today.

    Some case history: