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  1. The signal Chain

    Good Morning.
    Lots to do today. Need to set up the Christmas tree and holiday decorations, do a little shopping, and host my weekly practice session before cleaning up the house, packing, and leaving for an overnight stay in Santa Cruz.

    But I wanted to get my thoughts about my signal chain down down before embarking on the above errands.

    All of my electric instruments go through the same chain. It's short and the purpose is just to add a little sonic diversity ...
  2. Post Hoc Customization

    Well, I did it and there is no going back now.

    For the past few years I have been working on technique to the point of ignoring most of the rest of my musical palate--like tunes. So, I can only play a few tunes, and I have played them to death (which, I suspect, is what my partner wishes upon me each time she hears me work on difficult phrasings in Dusty Miller). Meanwhile, however, I think I hear my tone improving each and every day, and I am playing more relaxed, faster, and cleaner. ...

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  3. Happy Birthday, Butch

    Probably a lot of mandolin players never had the chance to see Butch in his old bluegrass days. Now you can. Happy Birthday, Butch. You rock!

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  4. CGDAEG on guitar body

    by , Dec-11-2008 at 6:43am (Johnny McGann's Random Musical Allsorts)
    CGDAEG has been used by Robert Fripp (of King Crimson) and his disciples via Guitar Craft for over 20 years. I decided to put it on one of my electric guitars to check it out.

    As you can see, it is very mando-friendly, since:

    the bottom 4 strings= Mandocello
    Middle 4= Octave Mando

    The G string on top lets you play melody between the E and G without as many stretches; allows for a closer interval on top of chord voicings.

    My ...
  5. Upward

    Got to play both melody and harmony many times over the weekend. The tune is finally starting to sink in and fall under my fingers. The transition is slowly getting easier. Got to play it once briefly with Les at our church retreat. That helped tremendously. Now to actually get together with Jeff and practice the thing. Only 10 days to go.
  6. Donated Mandolins Heading Out Soon

    Yea! Today we started making arrangements to have six of the donated mandolins shipped to the lending libraries of the two programs involved in our Mandolins For Kids promotion. Truth be told, we met our goal already, but have decided to extend this another week or possibly more. If no other donations are received, at least the programs will receive some promotion for this site's big mouth .

    However, there's no reason for those of you still on the fence with an instrument to donate ...

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  7. The Weight

    You know what? A Telecaster weighs a heck of a lot more than either an F5 or a Mandobird. Three hours of playing while standing gave me a burning sensation between the shoulder blades. I'm very glad I didn't alter a Les Paul.

    I'm thinking about the signal chain now. I love the amp, need to have it serviced though.

    More on that later.


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  8. Pictures of the Mandolin Donated by The Mandolin Store

    Wanted to post the nice pictures of this spiffy mandolin donated by our friends at The Mandolin Store for the Mandolins For Kids promotion we're running.

    Our thanks to Dennis Vance and crew for being the first to step up and donate an instrument.

    Meet an MD614 some lucky youngster will get to play. Click image to view larger version.

    Attachment 3 Click image for larger version. 

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  9. Mandolins For Kids

    Yesterday morning we started our community support of the Mandolins for Kids programs that are a part of the California Bluegrass Associations Kids on Bluegrass, and the Cool Mandolin Company's Cool Mandolins for Kids.

    It was an amazing first day, but now the real work begins.

    If everyone that was a member of this forum donated one penny per post they'd made, we'd be done, and no one would be broke. But I'm not naive, so I'll press on.

    I am struck by ...

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  10. Relief

    As you may have read in this little diary, I have been pounding away on an altered Tele in preparation for a gig with a rock/pop band.

    It's a lot of fun, but also a lot of mental work. Getting used to a tuning is no small task, even if the intervals stay the same as most of the other tunings I work in. I mean, where's the G chord if you're tuned DAEBF#? And where is the nearest four fingered closed position C major scale to that G major chord? Never mind that the scale length ...