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  1. Twice in one year? A trend?

    its a line at least, defined by two points, but things are shaping up this year!

    I went to the 3 hour long slow jam at the Freight and Salvage, and even managed to take breaks/kick songs off. Despite a terribly shaking hand and completely blank brain, the body just kind of took over and did it for me. Plus, met some really nice folks! Will definitely do this again next trip to Berkeley.

    Tomorrow night the same host will be holding another slow jam at the 5th String ...
  2. Play with people, you go now...

    Figure that instead of posting yet ANOTHER New Year's resolution to play out with people, and then not do it, I would instead post about when I actually manage to do so...

    I am currently in Berkeley on sabbatical research. For many reasons, Berkeley means music to me (at least I have a strong association between the two), so I brought my mandolin along for the trip. Checking the schedules of the 5th String music store and the Freight and Salvage, I see there are MANY opportunities ...
  3. many thanks needed to learn about arpegios

    Hi many thanks.

    I am sure this will help with things like finger position and the fluidity you mention. Certainly will shape our evolution as a mandoplayer and believe me, I am still practicing chords and holding more than one string down and getting them to ring equally.

  4. Some vintage Gibson catalogues (PDF format)

  5. What the . . . ?

    It seems like my ability to play mandolin diminishes with each passing year. Physical ability, that is. I can still remember where to put my fingers, but my ability to hit those notes with my right hand eludes me. It's almost like I'm playing with somebody else's hand.

    I have bought and tried so many different picks, hoping that at some point I'll find the one that solves this problem. I've watched youtube videos of all the great players, looking for the technique that would fix my ...

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  6. Mandolin Cafe 2012 In Review

    January - No surprise here as industry sales analysts announced that digital sales topped physical sales of music for the first time in history.

    inline imageMatt Flinner Trio released Winter Harvest on Compass Records. Matt is someone always working but not always on the press radar. One of the really important jobs he performed in 2012 we'd like to highlight was his work as a proof-reader for Don Julin's blockbuster Mandolin For Dummiess. ...

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  7. Give as Gift option new to Mandolin Cafe On Demand

    From Mandolin Cafe On Demand, our business partners at Leaping Brain have added a new feature in time for the holidays for those of you that would like to gift a lesson of the highest quality to a friend.

    The option to Give as Gift button has been added to the left side of each lesson, allowing you to give the gift of a mandolin (or guitar or other instrument) lesson to your musician friends. Have a mandolin playing friend that needs to play just like Sam Bush, Mike Marshall or Chris ...
  8. Discovering the Mandolin

    I recently purchased my second mandolin, after only playing since July of this year, and it has been a great experience so far. I find it helps my guitar playing and opened my ears to new kinds of music. I'm discovering that cross- picking the mandolin is helping my alternate picking on guitar as well. There is a Irish Seisiun a block away every Sunday and a Blue Grass Jam 3 miles away every other Monday. I haven't ventured over to either of those yet, but I suppose I should go play with others ...

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  9. Mandolin Crosspicking

    Crоsspісking іѕ a ѕtyle of рlауing the mandоlin that hаs gаіnеd in poрularіtу fairly rеcеntly. Howеvеr, it hаs its rооtѕ іn antіquіty.

    Thе mаndоlin wаs іnventеd cеnturіеѕ agо. In thе іntеrvenіng yeаrѕ, many dіfferеnt ...
  10. Eat out and tip big - or... shop for new music goodies

    I'm a fan of Anthony Bourdain, the booze swilling, retired former not-so-great chef who just happens to be one of the great food writers of our time. And, he made a marvelous travel/food show for a number of years. His award winning show No Reservations is ending today. It'll be missed. He recently penned an article for CNN about the restaurant industry that we can apply to our friends in the music industry on the East coast:

    Eat out and tip big to save NYC restaurants after Sandy. ...

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