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  1. Vega cylinder

    Hi, I'm trying to get in touch with Brian T, I have a vega cylinder back
    which I think he use to own. It's now in N.Ireland would love to get in
    touch with him or anyone that could give me some information on it.
    It' serial no. is 38349
  2. Beginner, where to start?

    I just got a banjo mandolin and would like advice on the best way to start learning to play. Thanks!
  3. Best strap for banjomandolin?

    I have a Vega Little Wonder with a resonator that covers most of the hold downs and having a hard time putting a strap on it, suggestions?
    Tags: strap
  4. Mandolin Straps

    I have a good idea what a lot of you will want to do to me for even suggesting this but why don't mandolin players put strap buttons on both ends of the body of the instrument like guitar players do?

    I have done that on the Rogue mandolin (don't laugh) that I bought to try and now that I'm looking to buy a better instrument I'm thinking I'd like to do the same on it.

    Incidentally, I followed the set-up information provided in Robert G. Meldrum's book and it worked ...
  5. Tarantella Napoletana to all my friends of Mandolin Caffe

  6. Santa Claus by Bill Monroe

    Could anyone provide the mando tab for Santa Claus by Bill Monroe? Thanks so much. Tom
  7. Looking for advice from all about mandolin future

    Im 19 years old been playing the mandolin for a year and have gained some solid experience jamming and singin and pickin lead mandolin as well as some upper level skills as far as rythm and technique are considered but nothing really special. I love bluegrass its in my blood i live and breath it study watch it listen to it play it sing it i love the mandolin equally as well. I play everyday always atleast 6 and never miss when im not playin i read about it or study in some way. i have met a number ...
  8. A Week of Revelations

    Well, the week started out great! Been working more and more with the new MM, and really feeling comfortable with it.
    New song-of-the-month in the Newbies section is Gold Rush, and for some reason, this one just clicked with me as one I wanted to put some hard work into. Don't know why it never dawned on me before that almost all the "hot" bluegrassy licks I hear come from these old fiddle tunes, but it really hit me with this one.Long weekend, decided to really pour it into this ...
  9. Old Man Neil Young

    Hello everyone I was wondering if someone had a tab for the song Old Man by Neil Young. This is my favorite song of all time and I wanted to learn to play it on my mando but I'm not that great at creating covers as I can't find a copy of it. Could anyone please help me! Let me know and thank you for you time!
  10. Three Things We'd Like To See for the Mandolin Community

    No harm done in wondering how things could be improved in our little corner of the stringed instrument world. Here are three scenarios we'd like to see.

    1) An abbreviated mandolin line from the C.F. Martin company.

    No, it's not an April Fool's subject. Isn't it time for another U.S. based company to step up and be great, and what better choice than the legendary Martin? No need to engage in model sprawl (hint, hint, your guitars, Martin). Gibson? Sadly, limited to ...

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