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  1. Mandolin Mondays #15 - The Entertainer

    Time for a little ragtime mandolin. Here's my arrangement of perhaps one of the most famous piano pieces ever written. I took a few cues from the great Chet Atkins for this tune. Also, a huge shout out to Swannanoa Gathering director Jim MaGill, who has his own great arrangements of Scott Joplin's tunes and helped inspire my rendition.

    Thanks so much for watching! Also, I've written out the tab/notation for how I played through ...
  2. Images for Classifieds now uploadable from iPhone

    Over the weekend with a little bit of coding I was able to configure it so that images can be uploaded to the Classifieds with an iPhone. Other types of phones, sorry, don't have one so can't test and don't know if it works but happy to discuss over email or here with you.

    What I can't tell you: if you are not using a newer version of the Apple operating system on your phone I can't guarantee this works, and honestly don't know what versions will, but I can probably tell you how to ...

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  3. Hierarchy of Hard

    It seems there might be a hierarchy of hard, and being human we get stuck at one or other rung of this ladder. But, wanting to be "doing something" we keep at it. And, like a marble in a bowl, we are active but not productive.

    And perhaps I am totally mis-reading some of this.

    A classic example I experienced while exploring electric mandolin. I have met a lot of adult electric guitar enthusiasts and it really hit home when one of them showed me the most beautiful ...

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  4. Every Day Carry

    I guess this is something of a social phenomenon. Folks prepared for everything. Folks making videos of all the stuff they carry in their EDC bag, and the stuff they carry in their Grab n Go emergency bag, and the justification for every item. Not to mention all the videos about the virtues of their chosen bag.

    Some of it borders on creepy, in my opinion, like folks prepared for the eminent end of the world. I have some friends into this, and I sometimes think they are maybe a little ...

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  5. Are you lucky enough?

    We sit around in a big circle, maybe twenty of us, likely more. I was one of two mandolins. There was one fiddle, one auto-harp, a stand-up bass, two banjos, and all the rest were guitars. Some very very nice guitars.

    A microphone on a long free standing boom is handed around. Whoever has the mic picks the song, usually some great old country music song, Jimmy Martin, or Roy Acuff, or some obscure Johnny Cash or Hank Williams. Some old time gospel songs, and some folk/rock from more ...
  6. The downsides of an expensive mandolin

    I've recently sold an Ellis a5. Excellent mandolin, best I've ever played even compared to other Ellis', played perfectly and just fit me very well. I gotta say though, I don't miss it one bit. Every time I pulled it out the first thing people would say is "wow an Ellis" and proceed to ask me how much it cost, and things to that effect.

    Afterwards I feel like there's sort of an expectation that I was a professional level player, whether it was real or not I don't know and ...
  7. Electric Mandolin - A Different Culture

    Wow. My explorations of the electric mandolin have led me to some surprising conclusions (well surprising to me anyway). Itís not what I thought.

    I got a four string electric, and an amp, and have gotten past messing with the ookie noises I can make with the settings on my modeling amp and figured out how to get from how I sound to how I want to sound. For the most part. I have lots to learn, but I am on my way.

    I can play loud angry fiddle tunes. I have figured out a

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  8. Midwestern Mandolin Orchestra's in 1923-1924

    I'm researching the origins of a Loar #72058. I have traced it back to 1968, where it was purchased in St. Louis from a colored man, whom said it was either his father's or Father in law's. His name was Ordell (or O'Dell) Williams. I'm assuming the mandolin was shipped either Chicago or St. Louis, possibly Indianapolis. It was shipped from the factory on February 23, 1923. I would like to fill in the gaps from that date to 1968. I know it's a long shot, but I thought with some help from friends, ...
  9. Mandolin Mondays #14 - Jeff Sturgeon

    Meet Jeff the Sturgeon and PD the napping dog. What better company to play crooked old time music with.

    Thanks so much for watching! Also, I've written out the tab/notation for how I played through the tune in this video. I'd love to connect with you and send you a free copy. Just contact me through my website:

    Happy Picking!

  10. Change is Good

    My 40 year old jam just moved to a 185 year old tavern. I played old time tunes and music from 70 years ago and even earlier, on a 93 year old mandolin, with friends I have been jamming with for over 30 years.

    The newest thing was the bourbon, and it was rather old as well.