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  1. Mandolin Mondays #1 - Huckleberry Hornpipe

    This year I'm taking on a new mandolin challenge! Every monday I'll be posting a new homemade mandolin music video of original arrangements of familiar tunes from all genres. And what better way to start a new mandolin tradition than with an old fiddle tune played too fast, with too many notes, and with questionably appropriate interpretations of traditional music styles. Here's a couple passes of an old favorite: Byron Berline's "Huckleberry Hornpipe."

  2. Entering The Golden Age of Online Music Education

    If there's one thing obvious about 2015, it was a year that really marked the true beginning of a golden age of online learning via video lessons for those of us that apply pick or fingers to strings. We, the mandolin public, eager to learn, we're the winners.

    ArtistWorks has been at it for awhile now, and really led the way with a new educational outlet for mandolin, guitar, banjo, fiddle and other stringed instruments. The candle on the Peghead Nation one-year birthday cake is barely ...

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  3. A Table Needs Three Legs

    I always tell my students that it is a lot more fun to play well than to stink. You might think that concept is so simple that it doesn't need to be stated but the beginning student has never experienced playing well so they may not be able to imagine what good playing actually feels like. They are well aware of how it feels to play poorly. My lessons always focus on three areas to help them along the path from fearful fumbling to musical mastery.

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  4. Who put the mas in Christmas?

    Sitting at home on Sunday waiting for the Panthers to play. Perfectly content.

    Took an glance at the Cafe classifieds to see if it goes over 400 mandolins (went to 397)

    Next thing I know, I think I've found my Christmas present.

    90 mintues later I'm at MandoMutt's swapping a sunburst for a blonde.

    No pictures atm but it's a 2 Pava home now

    No more mas this Christmas!
  5. New Mandolin Player

    Hello All!

    So I need some advice on where I should start. I just recently bought a simple Rouge mandolin and I don't know where I should begin. Anyone have any advice for a new mandolin player? I do have a background in playing music (clarinet for 8 years) so I know how to read music.
    Also, I live in San Antonio, TX So if anyone knows of a great private lesson teacher please me know!

    Any helpful hints would be great!
  6. It's the PLAYING that Matters Most!

    Just a few thoughts about the mandolin as the sun rises in So Cal: I find myself driven to find just the right mandolin, and I realize the need to be settled about the very nice instruments I have. I am working on finding the contentment to appreciate and play these three mandolins!

    Practice, practice, practice, along with sharing the music out and about as I do, are key aspects to enjoyment as a mandolin player. Today, it will be in the church band playing songs that fit the ...

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  7. can anyone help me trancfer these guitar chords to mandolin

  8. Octave Mandolin

    I recently acquired an Octave Mandolin.

    I know there is not one answer, but in a Mandolin Orchestra what section would the octave mandolin "usually" play in? and what clef is the music for that section written in?

  9. New Mandolin

    I've finally committed to buying The Mandolin, deposit cheque for £1500 going off in the morning. Scary given that's the most I'd ever paid for an instrument in the past (cello,& case). This one will come in at £4,000 and be pretty unique.

    I decided against anything conventional or what others normally view as an ideal. It will be two point, 32mm wide nut with the courses offset towards the bass side to allow for my fat fingers. No truss rod, instead it will have a 3mm carbon ...
  10. "A" Style progress

    Working on the sound board. Following Graham McDonalds plans and book. Glued up the 2 parts of the sound board.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sound board 04.jpg 
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    Flattened the bottom, (inside surface of the SB).
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Sound board 05.jpg 
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    Cut the rough shape.
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Name:	Sound board 09.jpg 
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    Drilled some holes for depth references.
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Name:	Sound board 13.jpg 
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    Started removing waste with a flat chisel.
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Name:	Sound board 14.jpg 
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    I may buy a gouge ...