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  1. Mandolin Mondays #117 w/ Special Guest Marc MacGlashan

    Marc MacGlashan stops by Mandolin Mondays this week to bring us an exciting original tune on his crushing Wade mandolin.

    Marc is a Nashville native and you may know him best from his frequent mandolin demo videos at the renowned instrument shop Carter Vintage Guitars. However, Marc has been in the scene for quite a while. Back in the early 2000's, he performed and recorded full time with the IBMA award-winning band, the Gibson ...
  2. My Mandolin Journey

    A little bit of background on how I came to the mandolin:

    To start off as simply as possible - I have been interested in playing music for as long as I can remember, but for the first 30 years of my life, mandolins were in no way a part of my musical vision. For 3 decades, I never knew anybody who played the mandolin - no friends, neighbors, relatives, school mates, co-workers, band mates; NOBODY played the mandolin. As a matter if fact, up until I was nearly 30 years old, I could ...
  3. Mandolin Mondays #116 w/ Special Guest Jordan Ramsey

    This week on Mandolin Mondays, Boulder, Colorado mandolinist Jordan Ramsey plays us a crushing solo arrangement of Johannes Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 5 on this beautiful 2016 Ellis F5.

    Over the past 15 years, Jordan has been establishing himself as a monster player. Today, he is one of the premier modern proponents of McReynolds-style crosspicking in the country. In 2016, Jordan took first place in the National Mandolin ...
  4. Classifieds Guidelines - PayPal Family and Friends

    The Classifieds Posting Guidelines have been amended with our official policy on buyers and sellers exchanging money using PayPal Friends and Family payments.

    For those not familiar, PayPal charges a nominal fee for transactions between buyers and sellers with the seller receiving the payment minus a fee for the use of PayPal. There are many online PayPal fee calculators for those that wish to learn more about their fees.

    The intent of PayPal Family and Friends is for ...

    Updated Mar-15-2018 at 7:45am by Mandolin Cafe

  5. Drawing the Line

    This is an essay that I wrote many years ago for a small publication devoted to American String Band Music and later translated to English.

    Drawing the Line

    On forums like Mandolin Café a recurring theme is Bluegrass vs. OldTimey music. This distinction seems to be of great concern to some people. For instance, chopping the mandolin at an Oldtime jam is considered bad form.

    I once mentioned this to an old-time fiddler who knows the history inside out. ...
  6. Strawberry Fields Forever (The Beatles Cover)

    Here is another “Beatles Song“ playing with mandolin, chapman stick and trombone.

  7. Sarcasm on Threads

    More and more frequently a member will reply to a thread, "Why doesn't the OP do a search of prior threads to determine if the topic has already been covered?" The phrase may be posed as "How many threads do we need on Blue Chip picks?" as an example. This is a stereotypical response I have seen numerous times on all similar forums, i.e., Acoustic Guitar, Strat Talk, etc.

    This question makes the assumption that the OP is asking for instructions and has
  8. Mandolin Mondays #115 w/ Special Guest Korey Brodsky

    Korey Brodsky brings us an impressive solo mandolin arrangement of the Earl Scruggs classic "Groundspeed" on his J Bovier Mandolin.

    Originally from Newtown, Connecticut, Korey is now studying mandolin at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He's a top notch player on both mandolin and guitar and is already making waves in the Northeastern bluegrass and swing circles.

    In 2016, Korey released ...
  9. Hey Bulldog (The Beatles Cover)

    Me and my Band "2 Jahre Ferien" performing The Beatles with Mandolin, Chapman Stick and Trombone.
  10. Mandolin Mondays #114 w/ Special Guest Bryan McDowell

    Multi-instrumentalist Bryan McDowell from the Claire Lynch band plays Tallahassee on the mandolin like no other! Pretty mind blowing double stops at the end played on this sweet Collings MF5.

    Originally from Asheville, NC, Bryan now lives in Nashville and makes his living playing with some of the best bluegrassers in the business. In 2009, he won 1st place in the fiddle, mandolin, and guitar categories at the National Flatpicking ...
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