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    Wonderful playing there, young sir, and thank YOU!

    Quote Originally Posted by mugbucket
    I'm torn...
    One hand I'm blown away by how clean and easy he made that look, and on the other hand sad that knowing I'll probably never be close to that level - and he's only going to get better!
    Well done young man!
    Take a look behind you, mugbucket. There's a slew of us in the boat..
    As for that mandolin, well..yum.
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    Teo, really great ! I hope I can play as well as you when I grow up. (Well, maybe by the time I retire...)
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    I'm torn...

    One hand blown away by how clean and easy he made that look, and on the other hand sad that knowing I'll probably never be close to that level - and he's only going to get better!

    Well done young man!
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    Wow, great picking! I’ve been a fan since watching Teo and Tristan Scroggins play Jerusalem Ridge a while back!
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    One to watch for sure! Wow!!!
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    Awesome playing and that mandolin is not to bad either.

    There may be several mandolins show up for sale after people view this one!
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    Break his arm ! Just ain't fair for us oldies !
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    You've got some serious mojo, young man. Thanks for shredding!
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    Very cool. Excellent playing and blending in the improv with the basic tune. Thanks for sharing Teo.
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    Teo, well played! Keep up the great work.
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    Very beautiful tune David! l like all your delicate slide ornaments that shines through in this solo version.
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    Nice tune - My order is in! Hopefully someday I can try a cup at its namesake. It was great to meet you at the Frankfort fest, and see Mile Twelve. I will also add my appreciation for Mando Mondays - strange to imagine, but it seems like I can remember a time when I didn't necessarily look forward to Mondays.
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    Beautiful composition, David. Thanks for hosting this series and making it happen all over the internet, not just on the Cafe. Looking forward to the release of your new solo recording.
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    One more --

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    A wonderfully evocative way to honor friends.
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    A very pretty and emotive song, Mr Otsuka. Thank you.
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    It's so refreshing to hear a master that isn't trying to impress you with a blizzard of 64th notes. The beauty of this piece is it's quiet simplicity.
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    What a beautiful piece of music! Welcome, Akira Otsuka. Great to see and hear your music here.
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    ...that was awesome. I loved hearing the different variations he was coming up with. Nice stuff!
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    Wow Aaron - that was awesome. Hope to hang soon.
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    I think I would want to be greedy and learn 10-15 seconds of it.
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    Amazingly inspirational!
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    Holy cats that was great.

    I'd like to learn just 5 seconds of that.

    Thanks so much for sharing this Aaron.
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    Awesome Aaron!
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    Wow, great version. Welcome, Aaron!
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    Excellent mandolin duets on the website. Impressive playing!
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    Nice playing Daniel!
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    awesome, thanks for playing/sharing with us Daniel
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    Thanks, Daniel, and welcome. This was beautiful.
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    I've very much enjoyed Daniel's discography, though it's not as well known this side of the Pacific. His CDs Voyages and Esquisses are exquisite! Great to hear from you, Daniel!
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    Welcome, Daniel. Très bien!