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  1. Buying and Selling Used Mandos

    I don't usually post this often but we have a lot going on with the new website, or it could be today's got down to 66 degrees!

    You may have noticed that we are introducing a new service called Mandolin Authority Certification, or MAC, for short.

    You can send in your mandolin family instrument to be checked out, tuned up, and evaluated. Bruce has worked on many different brands of instruments and we welcome them all (not just for Webers in other words : ...
  2. New Website

    Montana Lutherie's website went live- take a look when you get a chance:

    Still have a few parts and accessories to add but the platform is there!
  3. I Love My Mandolin But...

    No reason to not to love it completely...
    Many players who have sent their instrument in for tweaking, a refret, (or more) say they are so happy their irritant is taken care of. Contact Bruce and talk it over.

    My 1990 Gibson A5-L has been with me since new, and for those 27 years I liked it (once it opened up, anyway), but never loved it. Until Bruce got ahold of it, that is.

    The problem was the uncomfortably sharp V-profile of the neck. Other luthiers told me
  4. Is Happiness Enough?

    We usually concentrate on our own business but the following is so outrageous (but indicative of some of the repair stories we get) that we want to warn: Let the Player Beware.

    Bruce’s story:
    I was contacted recently by the repair guy of a not-too-small music store asking me how the truss rod worked in a mandolin. I asked him if it had a nut on the end of the truss rod, or could it be adjusted by with an allen wrench. He said it had a nut and I told him it’s a single action ...
  5. Bridge Flips

    Bruce estimates that 20% of the instruments he receives for repair
    have the bridge base flipped around- treble for bass.

    If you notice a decline in tone/volume after a string change, check the bridge. If the base is flipped the bridge doesn't fit well and sometimes can even cause a hum between the bridge base and the soundboard (top).

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A simple precaution is to mark the bottom of the bridge base with a T and B when ...
  6. Flaming Patterns and Prototypes

  7. Always Insure

    Re-top on a 2012 Gallatin F that was damaged in shipping. Always a good idea to insure, even though it doesn't happen often.

    Click image for larger version. 

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  8. The Cost of Mandolin Repair

    “Peel away the hopeful interpretations, and the ‘vintage’ stands revealed as simply ‘old’...
    The gap between my private logbook and the service ticket is the space
    where the ethics of repairing motorcycles gets worked out.”

    Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry Into the Value of Work

    The topic of repair charges (though most may say the topic is ‘why does it cost so much?’) can provide an interesting discussion. I’ve been quoting from Shop Class as Soulcraft ...
  9. Weber Instruments 20th Anniversary!

    We often wonder where many of the instruments we made over the years are right now. We see a picture of a custom instrument on our computer and think, I remember that one! For instance there were three red, white and blue mandolins (VERY distinctive) that were made, bought, shipped and never heard from again and we wonder (although while I was writing this Bruce heard from somebody on another issue and they have one of these- weird world). Bruce and Junior will hear a serial number and often remember ...
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  10. 1994 Flatiron Big Horn Banjo

    Just kind of fun to see this instrument (signed by Eric Lange) even tho it suffered a common banjo injury. It belongs to a friend so don't be telling anyone that MtLutherie does banjo repair!
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Pretty Peghead!
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    Hey- what's that in the background : )
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    Signed by Earl Scruggs. Cool.
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    Shop dog taking Saturday off, obviously
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