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  1. John Soper's Avatar
  2. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Aaron. Always good to see your videos on the Cafe.
  3. Alfons's Avatar
    Always a treat.
  4. Denny Gies's Avatar
    I guess it don't git much better than this. Thanks.
  5. Sasquatch's Avatar
    I would give one of my knee caps to be able to do that!! Smoother than butter!!!
  6. bluerock47's Avatar
    Awesome mandolin, awesome playing by an awesome guy!! Love it!
  7. Don Grieser's Avatar
    I wondered when the triplets were going to kick in. Mighty fine!
  8. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    That was bad ass!
  9. atbuckner21's Avatar
  10. RichieK's Avatar
    Just so cool! Thanks Alan.
  11. Nathan Kellstadt's Avatar
    Love Alan's playing. Thanks!
  12. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    That's good stuff right there. Thanks, and welcome, Alan!
  13. ccravens's Avatar

    Happy Birthday to the Loar!
  14. John Soper's Avatar
    Tres cool - a great tune and a great location shot!
  15. Chris Bowsman's Avatar
    Awesome video. I cited this to my dad as to a reason smartphones are cool.
  16. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    "The Grammy winner for best Mandolin Mondays remote recording location goes to..."

    Opens envelope...

    "Frank Solivan!"

    Nicely done.
  17. Warren H's Avatar
    A favorite tune played by a fine picker. Nicely done!
  18. AMandolin's Avatar
    Wow! You nailed it! Thanks.
  19. Colin Braithwaite's Avatar
    Amazing. Thanks so much!
  20. AlanN's Avatar
  21. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, nice David. Happy Monday.
  22. sbenedict's Avatar
    Wow I need to go break all my fingers and burn my mandolins just kidding , Outstanding picker and great mandolin.
  23. Alfons's Avatar
    There sure is some great music coming out of Nashville these days! Really enjoyed that.
  24. Mark Seale's Avatar
  25. ccravens's Avatar
    Great job!
  26. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Wow, what a remarkable piece of music and brilliantly played. Welcome, Sterling. Been a fan of your playing for some time.
  27. AlanN's Avatar
    Very nice playing on a very nice instrument.
  28. darylcrisp's Avatar
    love Johns sound.
    enjoying his teaching on Pegheadnation immensely.

  29. AKA Frosty's Avatar
  30. MontanaMatt's Avatar
  31. ccravens's Avatar

    Bird lives!!
  32. AlanN's Avatar
  33. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
  34. BrianWilliam's Avatar
  35. Nester's Avatar
    Awesome! I would love to learn to play this on mandolin! Steve, you rock!!
  36. John Soper's Avatar
  37. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Great to have you here, Steve. Dig the tune and singing!
  38. Alfons's Avatar
    Nice job Steve - Looking forward to seeing you in Frankfort!
  39. John Soper's Avatar
    Finally got a chance to watch this one. Great job!
  40. Will Patton's Avatar
    Wow - - nicely done.
  41. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    David, you and the Apitius are a great match. Sounds fantastic!
  42. Jim Garber's Avatar
    Fantastic, David! I have been playing that for years but only single string melody, which is difficult enough. I love your arrangement. Of course, the Jacob and contemporary players like Dudu Maia play it much faster but they usually have the chords accompanied by masterful 7 string guitar players.
  43. John Soper's Avatar
    Whoah Nellie! Not just whistling Dixie!
  44. jasonharsh's Avatar
    Simply phenomenal! And so much fun! Great work from Rory and Dan
  45. Matt Livingston's Avatar
    Feels like a groove from the Old Aquarium Rescue Unit circa 1994. I bet Col. Bruce would have enjoyed this.
  46. Alfons's Avatar
    Adding my votes for both "Wow!" and "That was fun!", and I just love that whistling too. Thanks Rory!
  47. AMandolin's Avatar
    well..... I am truly blown away
  48. DougC's Avatar
    My usual response to something like this is "Holy Sh*t!" But being (or trying to be) a more mature musician I'll say the Rory is remarkable. And my remarks are that he is a rare talent. Disabled or not, I assume he is blind, he really understands the style of music and performs it with style and grace.
  49. BrianWilliam's Avatar
    Wow indeed!
  50. chasray's Avatar
    Words fall short
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