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  2. ccravens's Avatar
    Very nice.

    Thanks so much!
  3. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Marilynn. Glad to see you here.

    Folks, if you're traveling to Rio this is a gal that knows all the good restaurants, party spots and choro rodas.
  4. ccravens's Avatar
    SO nice Nick!
  5. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    Thank you for every Mandolin Monday. Good singing.
  6. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    Bravo !
  7. Gelsenbury's Avatar
    Producing that tone at that speed - really special.
  8. Jstring's Avatar
    I love how pure every note is.... and a pretty tune!
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  11. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Great tune, great playing. Welcome, Nick!
  12. ccravens's Avatar
    Oh, so nice!
  13. Khatarlan's Avatar
    Incredible! Nicely done.
  14. Mike Romkey's Avatar
    Nice! Sorry I waited till Wednesday to listen.
  15. scapier's Avatar
    Dang it. we need a permanent link for a kickstarter TAB fund. I'm enjoying bashing my head against this one but I'd love a bit of sheet music to go along. Such a cool use of mandola.
  16. AMandolin's Avatar
    Very nice
  17. Ky Slim's Avatar
    Very Nice!
  18. Mark Wilson's Avatar
    that was great - definitely inspired my morning!
  19. Alfons's Avatar
    Mighty fine.
  20. chasray's Avatar
    Enjoyed that very much.
  21. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Josh. Great treatment of this tune, works nicely on dola!
  22. AKA Frosty's Avatar
    Great changes! Thanks for all the tunes in 2017.
  23. Teak's Avatar
    Nice version, David. I tend to play it a little faster because that tune can swing! (Great chord progressions.)
  24. mandopixie's Avatar
    Gorgeous, as usual, David. Thanks, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to you and all the 'cafe and its members!
    Peace and Love
  25. Alfons's Avatar
    A beautiful Christmas treat.
  26. tpeters's Avatar
    This is wonderful as always with David's playing, but his version last year of the Charlie Brown theme "Christmas Time is Here" with Missy Raines is just about my favorite Christmas mandolin piece ever - and it is still on YouTube. Thanks!
  27. jdchapman's Avatar

    You cheered me up. All I got was socks.
  28. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Thanks for another great year of music, David. Looking forward to 2018. Did we hear a rumor a mandolin album from you is on the horizon?
  29. Philphool's Avatar
    Great pickin', Scott.
    With the speed you're using on that tune, maybe it should be called "Under the Autobahn"!
  30. Bernie Daniel's Avatar
    Nice tune! If you are reading these comments Scott is the name "Under the Audubon" mean some kind of bird inspiration for the tune? I am a bird song devotee and know the calls and songs of several hundred N. American birds -- I use that information is the spring for survey work. But your tune kind of makes me think of bird vocalizations -- with the abrupt passages always springing up suddenly - like a bird call on a quite morning? Just thought I'd mention that! LOL! Love that old Gibson F-5!
  31. Zach Wilson's Avatar
    Whoa! Cool tune, Sir 🤓
  32. AlanN's Avatar
    Nifty, my friend. The D Man would be proud...
  33. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Scott. Great playing!
  34. Billy Packard's Avatar
    Very nice picking, great Tune and tone. Cm !
  35. ccravens's Avatar
    Really great tune and playing!!

  36. JonDoug's Avatar
    Beautiful tune and playing--it really captured me.
  37. Bob Sayers's Avatar
    Nice tune. I posted this awhile back, but if you want to hear real Japanese (or Japanese American) music on mandolin, check out this short documentary "Remembering Rafu Mandolin Club":
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  39. Don Grieser's Avatar
    Love the tone too!
  40. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Isaac. Great playing!
  41. Rosemary Philips's Avatar
    Wow! Beautiful job!
  42. 45ACP-GDLF5's Avatar
    Super shortened version. Sapporo is about 18 mins. long.
  43. AlanN's Avatar
    Beautiful, man!
  44. ccravens's Avatar
    Awesome job!
  45. AMandolin's Avatar
    Thanks. Fantastic! Fan of Circus No .9
  46. John Soper's Avatar
    Nice picking!
  47. Mandolin Cafe's Avatar
    Welcome, Thomas. Nicely played!
  48. AKA Frosty's Avatar
    Congratulations, David, and thank you for 100 inspiring videos! Very sweet picking here, too
  49. mandopixie's Avatar
    Good on ya, David! Thanks for all the MMs.
  50. ccravens's Avatar
    Thanks for all your time and work.

    Your mandolin Monday's are really liked and appreciated.

    Kudos to you. And thanks for the tune!
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