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Oct-19-2013, 9:57pm

Got me a Paul Duff F5 last week.

Oct-19-2013, 10:02pm
Wow, what a beauty. I bet it sounds as good as it looks.

Oct-19-2013, 10:06pm
Thanks Steve-o. She sounds great. Throaty bass, cuts on top. Paul says the mid-range should develop over time but she already sounds better than any mandolin I've played (although that isn't a great big number).

Bill Snyder
Oct-19-2013, 10:27pm
That should be a good one. Play it in good health.

Mike Bunting
Oct-19-2013, 10:32pm
Beautiful but you are making me antsy! I've got one of his A-5's on order.

Oct-19-2013, 11:35pm
Beautiful but you are making me antsy! I've got one of his A-5's on order.

Hey Mike! Good to hear from you. Paul is building me an F4 too. When is your A5 due?

Mike Bunting
Oct-19-2013, 11:55pm
Brian, hi. January I guess. How you been? Looks like things are good what with the new mandolin, that's a great choice (not bad for a Pac-Rim axe! :) ). I've had some great convos with Paul, he's a great guy.

Oct-19-2013, 11:58pm
Congratulations. You'll love it even more in a few months.
I got mine in June and it sounded great then, but it has gotten even better over the past 4 months. Better to my ear than any mandolin I've played before. (Quite a few.) I hope your experience is the same.

Mike, you'll be happy too! :)

Eric Michael Pfeiffer
Oct-21-2013, 12:30pm
What a beauty!!

Oct-22-2013, 10:12pm
Just beautiful!

Feb-28-2014, 5:11am
114990 I love the sound of my Duff . It is very easy to play and set up for easy, low action.

Feb-28-2014, 5:12am
Paul made this for me in 2010. It sounds heavenly to me.

Mar-01-2014, 10:40am
These are a matching H-5 mandola and F-5 mandolin by Paul Duff. Can I play with you guys?


Picture quality isn't very good, sorry...

Len B.
Clearwater, FL

Ken Olmstead
Mar-01-2014, 1:12pm
Lucky dog, congratulations!!