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Oct-17-2013, 3:15pm
Hello folks

I must admit up front that I know nothing about mandolins except, my dad loved his and was about the only thing he had of value when he passed away earlier this year.

It is my desire to keep it and maybe even one day, try and learn to play it a bit. This probably won't happen at my age and with my responsibilities but anything can happen.

It is part of my dad's estate and depending on the value, will determine if I can get away with keeping it or not from my siblings.

With that out of the way, I've searched the web and read a lot about Bob Givens and Tut Taylor but have had difficulty finding anything directly relating to my dad's mandolin.

It has a label in it stating it is "The Givens Mandolin" made by the Tut Taylor Music Co with a hand printed serial of 7549 and F-15 as the model. It also says "ODE" and "The Monroe" at the top.

I've heard 2 rather outrageous possible values for it and the fact that they were so far apart makes me believe they are not factual...... I personally think it is priceless because my dad loved it. :mandosmiley:

I am looking for some advice on who or where I can get a reasonable appraisal for this prized instrument of my dad's. I've attached a picture if it were to help identifying the mandolin.

I presonally think it is priceless because my dad loved it.

Thank you

Oct-17-2013, 3:23pm
An additional picture.

William Smith
Oct-17-2013, 4:16pm
I owned one of those "Monroe" models and it sounded pretty good, I sold for 3G about 7 years ago. I think there is one for sale at the Parlor website, I don't remember how much maybe 2500 bucks? go to the café home page and hit the links on the top of the page and scroll down and check that website out.

Eric Michael Pfeiffer
Oct-17-2013, 4:17pm
Try Gruhn's guitars in Nashville or "Mandolin Brothers" in NYC.........
nice mando... sorry for your loss....it's sentimental and was such a part of your dad's life...I say keep it and learn to play it or keep it and think of you're dad. I lost my dad in 2011 to COPD Emphysema and two strokes in less than one week....he had only been in Hospice a little while. My dad was a professional commercial airline pilot, captain and chief-pilot. My sister and I still have his brain bag with all of his flight log's, manuals and wings....I wouldn't dare thinking of parting with that stuff ever.

Jim Garber
Oct-17-2013, 4:33pm
1970s Givens/ODE (http://www.theparlorknoxville.com/mandolins/70s-givensode-f-style) selling at the Oarlo for $3400.

Built by Bob Givens in the 70s for Tut Taylor Music, Inc. This mandolin is in excellent condition with no cracks or repairs. There is some minor finish crazing as well as a small blemish on the back near the heel. Otherwise the instrument is in exceptional condition. Plays great and has the sweet sound that Givens mandolins are known for. Comes with rectangular black hard shell case.