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Feb-18-2005, 3:23pm
I did an Amazon search, and there is a butt load of CD's. Any suggestions on which ones are more emando and or Bluegrass in theme? Thanks, dy.

Feb-19-2005, 1:49pm
Their earlier albums were more bluegrassy. The latest, Untying the Knot, is pretty far removed from BG. You might try Born on the Wrong Planet.

SCI allows taping of their concerts, and there are quite a few available for free on the internet. Internet Music Archive (http://www.archive.org/audio/etree.php). Many other aritsts there, too. These are audience tapes, so sound quality may vary. Some can be pretty good, certainly good enough to let you enjoy the music. Most of these downloads are for full CD quality audio, so be prepared for huge downloads (1 gig or more!).

SCI also offers downloads of every concert they play on their website (http://www.stringcheeseincident.com/). These aren't free, but are direct from the soundboard so they sound good. Their site also has some mp3 tracks available for free download if you want a quick taste.

Feb-19-2005, 2:06pm
Thanks bro....I orderd the Filmore DVD as a starting point. I'll keep you posted, dy.

Feb-27-2005, 2:00pm
The most bluegrassy Incidents are generally the ones that where they start off with an acoustic set, which is largely bluegrass/old timey. Look for Colorado shows, especially Boulder shows which are benefit concerts, or where they are joined by guest artists, like Vassar Clements, Peter Rowan, or similar luminaries. They tend to play more bluegrassy at the summer festival Incidents too, like Merlefest, Telluride, etc. If you are interested in any specific recommendations, please e-mail me privately, and I can steer you in that bluegrassy direction.

Frank Seanez