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Oct-08-2013, 5:29pm
Here are pictures of the beautiful F4 Gail Hester made. It sounds as great as it looks. I hope to make a video to show off the sound either later this evening or tomorrow evening and will post.

Mike Bunting
Oct-08-2013, 5:30pm
Your collection just keeps getting better!

Oct-08-2013, 5:39pm

Oct-08-2013, 5:41pm
love the continuation of the flower pot on the truss cover
and the flower pot is simply superb
does the tailpiece say 'the hester' in similar script?

that is one fine piece of authentic F4 you have-
would appreciate specs and first impressions, please

YOURS looks like something id prefer over its vintage cousins
how long did you wait, if you please?

the binding detail (where the inner and outer spiral converge) on the scroll is simply the best-the rosette looks dead on
the finish is gorgeous too

you sure you want to keep that???LOL

Oct-08-2013, 5:41pm
A quick comment on tone. Sweet but very strong. Actually cuts pretty well. Notes are right on. Great instrument for Celtic, Swing, Gypsy, duets and the like. Looking forward to posting a video.

Oct-08-2013, 5:43pm
Love the wood selection for the top....
Very F4-ish....

Dale Ludewig
Oct-08-2013, 6:17pm

Perry Babasin
Oct-08-2013, 6:17pm
Very Beautiful!!

Oct-08-2013, 6:29pm
Wow, that's gorgeous! I really do think that's the best color scheme for an F4. Gives it a classic look. Can't wait to hear it.

Terry Allan Hall
Oct-08-2013, 7:07pm
Wow...that's exquisite, a word I don't use lightly!

May I pm you for the price, and the turn around?

William Smith
Oct-08-2013, 7:40pm
I must say that is a real LOOKER! Is the fretboard rasied? It doesn't look like it from the pix and I was just a wondering. Very nice.

Jim Garber
Oct-08-2013, 8:31pm
Very nice, Tony. You must be in F4 heaven...

Jim Ferguson
Oct-08-2013, 9:16pm

Oct-08-2013, 9:33pm
Congrats! Gail builds great mandos. I got my F5 in February, and I look forward to playing it each and every day.

Oct-08-2013, 9:55pm
Yowsa. Gail doesn't disappoint or miss a detail! Congratulations and enjoy it!


Dave Hanson
Oct-09-2013, 2:40am
Best looking modern F4 i've seen.

Dave H

Ivan Kelsall
Oct-09-2013, 3:08am
I've seen pics.of several of Gail's mandolins on here & all have been beautiful,but your F4 is truly spectacular.The colour does it for me. Absolutely glorious in every respect,

Oct-09-2013, 4:55am
Very nice looking instrument. Im looking forward to your video post. Please consider to play the Hester back to back with maybe your Stanley and/or RSDMM and/or Ellis to give an impression of the different sound character of the instrument.

Randi Gormley
Oct-09-2013, 8:10am
incredible looking instrument. congrats!

Oct-09-2013, 3:00pm
Here's the video: http://youtu.be/7qexezGPFn4

Gary Alter
Oct-09-2013, 3:51pm
Very sweet Tony, enjoy!

Oct-09-2013, 4:59pm
Looks OK, I suppose, sounds OK too. Who am I kidding, :redface: I have a big bad jealousy attack happening, tres beautiful in every respect. Enjoy!

Denny Gies
Oct-09-2013, 5:04pm
Aren't you the lucky one.

Oct-09-2013, 6:06pm
Impressive. It sounds really great for an instrument so young. Enjoy.

Mark Marino
Oct-09-2013, 6:45pm
That is really beautiful. I've now build two oval hole mandolins and can appreciate the skill and effort that goes into setting a rosette that well, binding the scroll, and many other details. You made the right choice with Gail.

Oct-09-2013, 7:13pm
Has a request for the tail piece. Think is an Allen. Beautiful. Added some more, too.

Oct-10-2013, 1:51pm
Gail corrected me. The tailpiece is hand made and engraved by Bill James. What a beautiful job!

Oct-11-2013, 10:50am
Now that I have had the instrument a few days, here are some comments. The instrument looks even better than the pictures. Hard to believe, but true. Gail simply nailed this one. I just keep looking at it and am amazed. As far as tone, Gracie (my grandmother's nickname, she was a redhead too) is opening up way beyond what would be expected at this time. This baby sings and loud. In some ways as loud as my F5. A picker friend played it yesterday (had to pry it from my fingers). Sounded a big on the receiving end also. But there is a sweetness to tone. Strong and sweet do not usually go together, in my recollection. When playing you can just feel the body reverberate. Gail, thank you so much for such a wonderful gift. Was a two and a half year wait and worth every second. Gail put her heart and soul into this instrument. You can just feel it. I am very blessed.

Jim Garber
Oct-11-2013, 10:58am
Gail, thank you so much for such a wonderful gift.

Yikes! She gave it to you? :)

Oct-11-2013, 1:32pm
I don't know if she gave it to him or not, but getting an instrument of this quality is a gift, the gift of Gail sharing her love of luthiery and her talent with him.

Oct-11-2013, 1:32pm
It looks and sounds great! Sweet and powerful, the tone is on the darker side for a maple mandolin in my opinion. I like that and it's always good to see a guarantee...congratulations!

Oct-11-2013, 6:01pm
I purchased this W100-L-Webster Special Edition Lefty from the Mandolin Store on June 14, 2010. This is the first unposed picture of any quality that has been taken since I bought it. It's hard to find a good quality lefty, but I've got one.


John Adrihan
Oct-12-2013, 7:14am
I purchased this W100-L-Webster Special Edition Lefty from the Mandolin Store on June 14, 2010. This is the first unposed picture of any quality that has been taken since I bought it. It's hard to find a good quality lefty, but I've got one.


I know it is early, but I am trying to figure out what this post has to due with a Gail Hester F4:)

Skip Kelley
Oct-14-2013, 9:59am
Tony, that is a great mandolin! Congratulations! You picked the right builder for an F4 mandolin!
Great job Gail!!!

Oct-17-2013, 12:56am
Great F4. That top does indeed look perfect for the model, the colour is also spectacular. Sounds loud - with 'pop'. A fantastic job!

Nov-11-2013, 5:16pm
Ive been revisiting this thread. Your Hester F-4 is very nice. Still I would like video clips that compare your Hester F-4 against some of your other instruments (Stanley, Gibson, Ellis). This will be interesting to all who know the one or the other but have not had the chance to play "the one or the other". Please do.

Nov-12-2013, 10:31am
I would enjoy that myself. Once I get the CD project finished, can see the end of the tunnel, I would really enjoy doing that. I enjoy the Hester so much, I have hardly touched another instrument. Would especially like to hear the contrast against the RSDMM.