View Full Version : Just finished this mandola...

Sep-27-2013, 10:12am
I just finished this mandola - my #6 build. Walnut back & sides and neck redwood top. Has a great sound. When I get a chance I will post a sound clip.

Larry S Sherman
Sep-27-2013, 10:16am
I really like that...nice job!


Sep-27-2013, 10:23am
looks great can't wait to hear it

Sep-27-2013, 11:26am
Nice work!

Happy gnome
Sep-27-2013, 5:41pm
The walnut back is amazing! Great work!

Sep-27-2013, 6:13pm
Nice. You need a logo.

Charles E.
Sep-27-2013, 7:07pm
Nice Claro Walnut there. I have a large plank I need to unearth from the stack.
Beautiful Mandola.

Sep-27-2013, 10:52pm
That's beautiful!!! Great work!

Sep-27-2013, 11:21pm
That's nice big scroll.

Sep-28-2013, 1:37am
If it's anything like the last claro H5 I played, oh Lordy! Is that bad boy for sale?

Sep-28-2013, 9:21am
Thanks for all the comments. I agree about the logo but I just haven't wanted to tackle the inlay process yet, maybe on the next one. It's got a beautiful sound, very rich. I'll try to get a sound clip soon. Not for sale now thanks.

GarY Nava
Sep-28-2013, 11:29am
Nice work- love the walnut. Forget the logo, the plain head looks very classy!
Cheers Gary

Sep-29-2013, 9:14am
When I looked at the first picture of you holding your new 'dola, I thought what a beautiful instrument, great coloration and wonderful walnut figure. My reaction to the second picture was "I'd love to see something on that peghead". I am quite partial to the traditional fern inlay (like I have on my Duff H-5) or the torch & wire inlay of some early Gibson F's. Perhaps the double flower pot of the teens F-4s?? I do however understand your reluctance to tackle the inlay process when you've just tackled the instrument building process (very successfully I might add). It's a wonderful job you've done!!

Len B.
Clearwater, FL

William Smith
Sep-29-2013, 9:55am
Very nice build, I like it, that walnut is super cool, All goes well together! What kind of sound does walnut make? I'd think it would be on the brighter side because its a harder type wood right?

Oct-10-2013, 10:39am
Thanks for all the replies. I'll try to post a video of Darrell
Scott playing it a couple of days ago when he was in
I don't have a clue if this is gonna work but here goes.

Pete Jenner
Oct-10-2013, 1:06pm
That's lovely and sounds great. I know where you are coming from re the inlay - I dread that task and it's really not necessary..