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Sep-27-2013, 9:14am
My group featuring Hedge playing a solo on his Gil cello. The Vintage Mandolin Quartet performing a benefit at the Unitarian Church in Green Hills, Nashville, September 22 2013. With Rob Haines-mandolin, William "Tiger" Fitzhugh-guitar, John Hedgecoth-mando cello and Ron de la Vega-bass

Sep-27-2013, 2:20pm
Very nice playing all around - nice sounding mandolin too...

Sep-29-2013, 6:47pm
Thanks for the kind words Burt. I've "banged around" on Hedge's mando cello. It's a beast. I think there might be only 2 made. Walter Carter has the other one by Steve Gilchrist.

Oct-05-2013, 8:55pm
Here's a nice pic of the (only?) K2 he made. I'm going to guess that this is 00-471:


Oct-07-2013, 11:57am
Nat, I have never seem this. Sweet. I bet it sounds great.

Kerry Krishna
Oct-07-2013, 12:08pm
Sweet playing and sweet tune. Did someone forget to actually turn on the PA system?

Oct-07-2013, 12:37pm
That sounds wonderful.

Oct-07-2013, 7:36pm
They had a decent PA. I recorded it with a pocket video recorder, that's why you can't hear the bass too well. I wish I had brought my good camcorder. We are finishing up our CD right now. It's similar to Grisman's Tone Poems. Where each tune had a different collection of vintage instruments. We recorded one tune with old round hole Gibsons and my 1924 Gibson style J mando bass. We did a couple of tunes with Gibson Century mandolin and guitar. One song with Lyon and Healy mandolin style A (with the fiddle style scroll), mandola and cello, etc. Scott Tichenor and George Gruhn wrote the liner notes. We're pretty excited about it.

Oct-08-2013, 4:51pm
Sounds interesting...is there a release date?:popcorn:

Oct-08-2013, 10:46pm
Looking forward to that recording

Oct-09-2013, 12:03pm
Thanks. It will be released in maybe a month. We are still working on the graphics and art work. 107825107826107827107828107829

Oct-09-2013, 12:40pm
Very nice, indeed!

I was in Nashville a in July and played around on the Rattlesnake MC at Carter Vintage, and "beast" is exactly what I'd call those things. I love the tone, but have trouble with the scale in 5ths tuning. I play my bass without issue as far as the reach goes, but still struggle with my OM. I bought the OM to sort of test the waters before shelling out the cash for a MC, and I'm glad I did. I really like the OM, and I really love the MC's tonal range, but should probably just stick with the guitar and bass if I want more bottom end...