View Full Version : Long time coming, New Navy Mandolin

David Newton
Sep-25-2013, 2:15pm
I began this instrument in 2010 and set it aside for other projects.
Now that I'm working full-time in the shop, I found time to finished it.
Black Walnut from Woodville, Tx. Carpathian top, Honduras neck, Ebony fretboard.



Sep-25-2013, 2:18pm
Very nice!

Sep-25-2013, 2:30pm
VERY nice, David. My very first mando was this one's older sibling, and man, I miss it. You do some beautiful work.


Jim Garber
Sep-25-2013, 2:41pm
That is very enticing, David. I have this fascination for flatback, walnut mandolins. Hmmmmm....

BTW what is that neck joint? It looks very interesting. Also; do you have any sound files?

David Newton
Sep-25-2013, 3:59pm
Hi guys, thanks for the nice comments.
Jim, the neck joint is a straight mortise & tenon, glued in. The back is over the heel.
I have wood files & metal files, and fret files, but no sound files, but my playing sounds like a file acros the strings. I can make one, but it may take a few days.

Jim Garber
Sep-25-2013, 4:06pm
That is all right. Nice that you have lots of files.

BTW what is the neck with at the nut? I assume flat fretboard?

Charles E.
Sep-25-2013, 7:38pm
Nice Mandolin but what has me curious is the John Juzek "Master Art" violin label hanging on the board next to it. Is there a story to that?

David Newton
Sep-25-2013, 9:58pm
It is 1-3/16" at the nut, flat fretboard, or nearly so.
Did you mean the neck/head joint? It is a straight scarf, but the head is sculpted a bit, so the thin edge makes a shape.

Charles, I do quite a bit of violin repair, and I had a contract with the school district years ago, and got a lot of salvage instruments. Just a neat label that I saved.

Sep-26-2013, 7:28am
I love it!


Jake Wildwood
Sep-26-2013, 10:03am
Walnut is my fave on new builds. Cherry right after it. Good work. :D