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MK in NC
Sep-22-2013, 4:17pm
I had a front-row seat for Tony Williamson's presentation this afternoon at the N.C. Museum of Art on the history of the mandolin.


William Smith
Sep-22-2013, 4:54pm
I bet that was some real fun there!, Did he just play those instruments or were there more?

MK in NC
Sep-22-2013, 5:12pm
I bet that was some real fun there!

Yes, quite fun. He told stories about the mandolin's history in between songs.

Did he just play those instruments or were there more?

You can see in the photo the headstock of a bowl-backed mandolin he played for the first couple of tunes. Of the Gibsons pictured, he played just the A and the F5 to its left. He also played another F5 that was not on stage when I took this photo.

Sep-22-2013, 5:12pm
What!?!?! How did I miss this!

Bernie Daniel
Sep-23-2013, 7:31am
Would have been great to see. He did not play the K-4 or H-5 at all? Or were you just referring to which mandolins he played? Tony put out that great VHS project called the History of the American Mandolin -- back in the late 1990's I think. He plays most of the mandolin family on it. I've got a copy but have nothing to play it on anymore! :)

Cheryl Watson
Sep-23-2013, 8:57am
Oh, how I wished I could have been there!! MK, if you have any good video that you would like to share (I don't know if that was allowed at the venue) please do.

MK in NC
Sep-25-2013, 2:43pm
Sorry about the delayed response. Work plus evening volunteer sessions at the IBMA conference stopped me from giving the Mandolin Cafe a good perusal until now.

Bernie, he did not play the K-4 or H-5 at all.

Cheryl, I did not shoot video. I would have loved to have done so if I had thought the venue would have permitted it.

Steve Sorensen
Sep-30-2013, 12:08pm
Tony let me spend a little time with 72203 -- The Eagle -- WOW what an amazingly balanced and sweet sounding/playing instrument. Something magic about that one for sure!


Steve Sorensen
Oct-04-2013, 10:36am
One of the '23s in action --


Awesome work!