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Dale Ludewig
Sep-19-2013, 5:23pm
I'm kind of excited about this one. It was originally a commission and after we were into the project for quite some time the customer had a hand accident and had to cancel. Then it sat around the shop for a couple years with me continuing to plug away at it as time allowed. Then a father/son came in and decided that it would become part of their life and history. Tomorrow they will come and get it. It's all a pretty cool outcome. And I've never bound f holes before! But I might in the future. I like the look. Thanks for looking.


Mike Bunting
Sep-19-2013, 5:35pm
Terrific wood, a great finish and the bound f-holes add a certain elegance to the whole thing.

Sep-19-2013, 5:38pm
I like the look, too.
Nice job.

Sep-19-2013, 5:41pm
So... that one finally got finished! Kinda cool that someone took the plunge!

Bill Snyder
Sep-19-2013, 8:46pm
Beautiful mandolin Dale and the moving blanket as a back drop adds a nice touch. :)

Sep-20-2013, 9:00am
My God.

Truly, truly lovely. Elegant, restrained and yet blazingly gorgeous.

Bound f-holes are a classy and beautiful touch. I just love them.

Kudos all around.

William Smith
Sep-20-2013, 9:09am
WoW, that is spectacular looking, love the turtleoid binding and points, bound f holes, the color really sets off them features and that quilted back looks just killer. Yehhhhhhhh

William Smith
Sep-20-2013, 9:17am
Pure visual porn that I'm sure sounds great also! I built an F-5 once it turned out like a 2 year old made it, ya all want a great laugh I should post photos of that but I'd be shamed. All you builders are great at what you do. It takes some serious skill to pull off something that looks as nice as this Ludewig.

Jim Garber
Sep-20-2013, 11:12am
That is a lovely looking one, Dale.

Sep-21-2013, 11:18am

Good to see you are putting that fancy new snowflake bandsaw to good use!


Sep-21-2013, 12:23pm


Joe Mendel
Sep-21-2013, 1:02pm
Wow!! That one is a stunner!!

re simmers
Sep-25-2013, 7:52pm