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Sep-18-2013, 10:26am
I've been building the army-navy style for a couple years now and local friends have kept bugging me to build an F5. I gave into their demands and decided to give it a go.
Here are some photos of the finished instrument. I used Dave Smith (Smith Creek Mandolins) CNC plates for this first build. The basic shape is there but there is a lot of work left to do. This mandolin has a 1 1/8" bone nut and a Cumberland Acoustics bridge. The tuning machines are Grover 309's. The mandolin sounds great so overall I'm quite pleased for a 1st F5 build. I enjoyed the challenge so much that I have started a 2nd.
I'll probably sell this one at some point, but for now I'll enjoy playing it.


Sep-18-2013, 10:32am
Very nice first effort, Terry.
I'd like to hear a soundclip.

Eric Michael Pfeiffer
Sep-18-2013, 11:15am
Nice job...welcome to the world of F-5 builds...

Michael Bridges
Sep-18-2013, 6:17pm
Looks good from my house! I like the angled fretboard extension instead of a full "Florida". Like to hear it, also. Nice job!

Sep-18-2013, 6:31pm

Charles E.
Sep-18-2013, 8:05pm
Wow, will you be building more of these?

Sep-20-2013, 10:19am
Thanks for the kind comments about my F5.
I had a chance to record a quick sound clip for those who are interested in the sound. Link below.
I've started on another, so one of the two will eventually go up for sale.

Sample Sound Clip CF #S/N 0913-019 (http://www.crystalforestmandolins.com/sound/SCCF-F5soundclip1.mp3)


Sep-20-2013, 10:45am
Thanks for the sound clip, Terry. Good job.

Stephen Cagle
Sep-20-2013, 10:53am
Nice job. Good looking mandolin. Love the color. ~o)

Sep-20-2013, 9:00pm
Will you be building A's?

Oct-18-2013, 4:52pm
Working is progressing on my second F5 build. Once again I'm using raw CNC plates from Dave Smith @ Smith Creek Mandolins. These are nice AA grade, initially cut in 2003. The top/soundboard has been sanded to spec, tonebars installed and shaped and the top glued to the rim. Now on to the neck.


Denny Gies
Oct-18-2013, 5:06pm
Neat so far, good luck and have fun.

F-2 Dave
Oct-27-2013, 1:34pm
Enjoyed being able to see this mandolin in person at Mtn. View AR yesterday. It looks even better up close.

Oct-27-2013, 3:09pm
F-2 Dave,

Thanks for the kind words. Enjoyed pick'in with you and your kin folk yesterday.
Looked for you later to have you do some playing on the F5... will look for you next time.